Skin Journey with Skin Renewal (VLOG)

If you’re following me on Instagram (if not why not, @carafay_) you will have seen over the past 6 months I have visited Skin Renewal multiple times for so many treatments from peels to laser to dermapen. 

During the past 6 months I have been filming the process and progress to compile into a skin journey vlog which I happy to say is now LIVE for you to watch:

I wanted to talk to you about my journey and the treatments I had at Skin Renewal. The journey started with a visit to the in house doctor who asked me about my skin concerns, analysed my skin under a super magnifier. From here I was presented with a ‘menu’ of treatments and products that I should have done and be using to achieve my goals and then it was time to get started! The treatments I had at Skin Renewal are the following (click on the names if you’d like to read a little more about each one):

Azelan Peel

Carboxy Therapy

Laser Genisis

Azelan peel

Melanostop peel


From the very moment I entered Skin Renewal I was no longer alone on my journey I immediately had someone on my side helping to achieving my goals. I also learnt how important at home skin care is, if you’ve been around these parts for a while you know I love skincare but one thing I have never really paid attention to is active ingredients and now I will never look back!

I started using NeoStrata products and although the products are on the pricey side I am blown away by how long they lasted and what a difference they made. Keep an eye out for the full low down on the NeoStrata products I have been using in Thursday’s blog post, comment below with which Skin Renewal treatment you’d love to try!