LA Girl Matte Lips

Doesn’t it just seem forever since the LA Girl Matte flat finish glosses were a thing and Dischem had a buy 2 get 1 free? It sure does for me and I got a in on that deal! There are now new LA Girl Matte Lipsticks so I thought I’d give you a little run down on my thoughts on both formulas.

LA Girl Matte Review

Lets start with the Flat Finish Glosses; Firstly the shade range so fast from very light pinks to dark berry shades. I picked up 6 shades but have since passed on 3 of them to friends and am left with the 3 that suited me best. The formula of these is very wet but dries matt and unfortunately sticky, the applicator is easy to use and allows for a precise application. The packaging is ok with a matt lid but the actual label got grubby and started fading quite quickly.

LA Girl Matte Review

LA Girl Matte Review Secret

Shade 1 – Secret; I absolutely love this deep burgundy shade but as you can see on the above application how patchy it is, it seems with these pigments the darkest shades are very patchy compared to the lighter ones, using a lip liner helps but can still be quite patchy.

LA Girl Matte Review Instinct

Shade 2 – Instinct; This shade is a perfect orangey red, not so patchy as you can see and as all of them has a really long lasting period, except for the rim of the inside of your mouth where they tend to go a little patchy.

LA Girl Matte Review Dreamy

Shade 3 – Dreamy; This is my favourite out of the three I have left. Such an easy everyday light nude shade with a pink undertone as apposed to nudes with an orange undertone. I went to swatch it the other day for a friend that wanted to buy it and it was lot more pinky so I don’t know if they have changed shades or formula :/

Next up we have the Matte Lipsticks, again I was excited to try these. The hype wasn’t huge on these I think that was because a lot of people were let down by the Flat Matte Glosses and were wary this time around. If it was up to me I’d hype these up as they’re so much nicer and again come in SO many shades from a light white pink to black!

The packaging is a lot more sleek than the glosses and the little end bit can actually come off and has gloss that matches the lipstick inside, I don’t know if they meant to do this or if someone found it by accident! The formula is creamy and dries Matt, lasts long and is easy to apply. These do tend to be a bit drying so its important to keep the lips moisturised afterwards.

LA Girl Matte Review Hot Stuff

Shade 1 – Hot Stuff ; This shade I’m not sure about and I think I may pass it on its kind of a corally orange shade but as you can see its not so opaque and is a bit of a meh shade.

LA Girl Matte Review Dreamy

Shade 2 – Snuggle; This has to be my favourite shade, similar to dreamy a nudey shade with quite a brown undertone and easy everyday shade. This has definitely been a favourite as its always sold out!LA Girl Matte Review
LA Girl Matte Review

Shade 3 – Hush; Very similar to snuggly but it has more of a pink undertone, again a super easy shade to wear and again long lasting.

What are your thoughts on the LA Girl Matte Lipsticks/Pigments? Be sure to check the blog out on Friday for the last of my LA Girl Reviews from this week. Did you read Monday’s post about the concealer?