favourite setting sprays

I am sure many of you have red my primer series where I had I broke down my favourite primers, if you haven’t read these you can read there here. Following that series I thought it would be a nice idea since I had shared step one of my make up routine to share the last step with my top 3 setting sprays.

beauty fix setting spray review

Lets start off with the Locally Made Beauty Fix which is now known as Me&Youth, it can be used as a hydrating primer, a setting spray or a refresher to use throughout the day. The mist is fine and light, definitely does not make you feel sticky or super sweaty. It locks in your make up without making your face feel stiff. I find this a no muss no fuss setting spray and is definitely one of my most favourites. It is enriched with Rosewater, Aloe Vera Extract and Cucumber Extract. My only gripe with this is that it doesn’t work well to spray on eyeshadow brushes if they need further intensity, I think a stickier setting spray is needed for this. All in all if you are looking for a super hydrating setting spray, this is your go to!

essence setting spray review

Next up the Essence Keep it Perfect setting spray, this little dinky bottle packs a huge punch. Not sticky at all but makes your make up set and stay like GLUE, it is also perfect to use on eyeshadow brushes to get the most intense eyeshadow shades. The mist is not as fine as the Me&Youth version but it doesn’t feel like you’re running through a sprinkler either. If you are looking for something to ensure your make up isn’t going anywhere and aren’t too fussed about a mid-day refresher spray then this setting spray is for you.

mac fix + setting spray review

Lastly we have MAC Fix+ I find this one very similar to the Me&Youth setting spray as it is very hydrating and can be used as a primer, setter and refresher. This is a small travel size version of Fix+ which I got to try out, although being so dinky it lasted a good 4-5 months. This sets your make up without being sticky or stiff and works so well as a refresher throughout the day even if you’re not wearing make up but need a little hydration boost. The mist is fine however I’m not a huge fan of nozzle, it doesn’t create a huge mist which I find means I need to use quite a few sprays to make sure my whole face has been sprayed, not sure if this is because I have the small version. I will over see this just because it give so much hydration which is exactly what my skin needs.

setting spray review south africa

..and those are my top 3 setting sprays. Which are you favourites or do you skip the setting spray set?