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3 favourite highend highlighters

I think highlighters are one of my most favourites part of the putting on make up and are one of my favourite things to buy, there is just something about adding a glow to your cheek bones. The other thing with highlighter is, it’s probably the most complimented make up item – people notice a gorgeous glow.

I have so many highlighters but I thought I would show you my top 3 highend highlighters and then I will also share with you my favourite affordable highlighters (hint they’re ALL Catrice!)



Starting off with the left highlighter which drumroll.. MAC Soft and Gentle, this was my first highlight purchase over 3 years ago and you can see that I haven’t even come close to hitting pan which just shows that it is such good value for money. It is a gorgeous pinky, silver toned highlight which gives the skin a natural dewy glow and not too intensive.

Next up we have The Balm Mary-Lou manizer another iconic highlighter, a few years ago everyone raved about this and well for a good reason. Mary-Lou is a gorgeous gold champaign highlighter that is so pigmented you need just a tiny bit to get dem cheek bones poppin! I have had this bad boy for 2 years and you can see I have hardly made a dent. I think for me thats one of the reasons I love highlighters, they’re such good value for money if they’re super pigmented you only need a tiny bit to get your glow on.

Last up we have the gorgeous Champagne Pop by Becca, again another iconic highlighter and again for good reason. This is probably the most pigmented of all highlighters which means a teeny tiny bit goes a long way. It has the most gorgeous peach golden glow and the intensity lasts the entire day. I absolutely love this highlighter and it definitely fills a gap in my make up collection. Now I need to get my hands on moonstone

Left to right: Mary-Lou Manizer, Champagne Pop, Soft and Gentle

What is your favourite make up item to buy are you also all about the glow like me?