DIY Upcycled Frame Builders Warehouse

Is there anything better than taking a stroll through a flea market and find some good bargains for upcycling? I absolutely love doing this, I often find things that I just know I can turn into something new and different.

Today I am going to talk you through a really quick DIY… a slick of chalk paint on a plain wooden frame.

All you will need is a paint brush or roller and chalk paint is probably one of my most favourite types of paint, its no muss no fuss can be used to create a white washed/rustic look by just adding some wax in little places. It also has a nice matte finish.

Builders Warehouse is the home of all DIY with isles and isles of brushes, hooks, paints and pretty much anything you can think of. Everytime I go near one I get so inspired with all the things I can create and upcycle ?

Step 1) The frame I picked up didn’t need any sanding or prepping so I just removed the glass and the backing board.

Step 2) Stir up the paint, I shook the tub and then swirled my brush around a little.

builders warehouse paint diy

Step 3) Start painting, because of the formula of chalk paint it dries soooo fast. I painted 3 coats and was finished within 20 minutes!

builders warehouse paint diy

Step 4) Add a picture to the frame and you’re done – The entire DIY took me 45 minutes to complete! Easy peasy!


What is your favourite DIY?