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daniel wellington 15% off + FREE delivery

Ah Daniel Wellington the sleek watch that has been trending for a few years. Let me tell you something about Daniel Wellington as a brand, its not just a pretty watch. It is the product of a brilliant marketing team and a lot of hard work. What the public see is a cool, trendy watch that ticks all the minimalist boxes but what they don’t see is how hard Daniel Wellington as brand has worked to be so well known.

About Daniel Wellington

The story goes like this. In 2006, Filip Tysander was backpacking through Australia when he met a wanderer named Daniel Wellington; who was wearing a minimalist black-and-gray nylon strap with his Rolex. Wellinton’s simple strap inspired Filip so much so that he built a whole brand around it naming it after the stranger who inspired him. Thus Daniel Wellington was born; instantly recognisable and a must have time piece.

daniel wellington durham


Heres what I love about Daniel Wellington as a brand; Firstly you start off by choosing the face you’d like these range from Roman Numerals, Blinged Dial and then the Classic face. Then you choose the size of face you’re looking for as well as a Silver or Rose Gold finish. After you have chosen its time to have fun and choose the strap. When I say fun I mean FUN, all Daniel Wellington watches are customisable! Gone are the days where your watch has one boring strap that you get changed at the jeweller when its falling apart. Daniel Wellington watch straps can be changed by yourself, one watch face multiple looks.

daniel wellington strap tool

The watch comes with this nifty little tool that is used to pop out the pin of the current strap, then click the new strap in and you’ve got yourself a whole new look.


I chose the Daniel Wellington Classic Durham 36mm with an extra Black Strap. I am absolutely smitten by the design of this watch and every time I wear it someone compliments me on it. Its also come to the stage where the boyfriend asks me if he can wear it and use it for photo shoots!!

Now onto the discount part I have a code that entitles you to 15% off any Daniel Wellington of your choice; DWxCARA my code is only valid until the end of July so hurry! Note that Daniel Wellington offer FREE worldwide delivery too, the rand to us$ rate has dropped so now is the perfect time to get shopping – it actually works out cheaper to buy it from than it is to buy the watch locally!

Which Daniel Wellington do you have your eye on?

* This watch was sent to me from Daniel Wellington, all thoughts are my own.