body shop saved my skin {review}

the body shop skin care review

If you follow me on snapchat (carafay95) you will have noticed about 6 months ago my skin was at an all time low, I was breaking out everywhere. I looked dull and was in need of a new skin care routine as mine was clearly not working! This is when my beautician mom suggested popping into body shop to see if I could find something that would work for me.

Before heading to the body shop store I decided to do the skin analysis test online, you can do it too here: I wanted to do this mainly because I wanted to get a feel of what I was looking for as sometimes in stores I get bulldozed by sales assistants and end up leaving with more than I wanted or spending more when on a budget this totally throws me off. Better to be prepared.

the body shop review

Body Shop almost always have specials either a buy 2 get 1 free or buy 1 get the 2nd half price. This enables you to get more for your buck so obs I was all over the special!

I picked up the chamomile butter balm for a cleanser/make up remover. It smells amazing and works so well, being oil based it can be used with waterproof mascara so the perfect 2n1. A small amount goes a long way with this mainly because it melts in the palm of your hand. I have finished the whole tub of this and will definitely re-purchase.

For a mask my test suggested the seaweed clay mask. What a great suggestion this is a very active mask after applying a thickish layer you’ll notice it drys faster in certain areas what i realised is that it meant that the areas that take longer have not finished using the mask. When the whole face is the same colour its then worked, I noticed an immediate change. My pores unclogged and blemishes minimised.

the body shop vitamin e range review

Onto moisturiser the test suggested the Vitamin E daily lotion with SPF 15 in it. The minute I heard the SPF part I was sold (and I have already bought my second tube!) its a very lightweight daily moisturiser and works perfectly under foundation. I am so in love with the Vitamin C range that I just had to find a way to incorporate this into my routine; although vitamin C is very concentrated and I have not had great experiences with Vitamin C before I just still love the smell, texture and brightening effect it gives – so me being me I decided to not obey the sales assistant that warned me not to mix two ranges and bought the vitamin C skin boost which I add one pump of everyday with the vitamin E daily lotion. I also like using this on its own, its a great primer and I definitely want to try more of this range.

For the night cream i decided to go with the aqua boost sorbet I was sold on the consistency of this its so light weight and smells amazing I just could not resist and again I am already on my second tub of this! I wake up every morning with a well moisturised soft face.


My mom has always told me to use eye cream and its the biggest faf out there but let me tell you it works! Unfortunately I didn’t think of taking before and after pics I guess because I didn’t think my crows feet were bad, the other day I noticed my crows feet have DISAPPEARED! Yes I know I’m as shocked as you are. I think mainly because I never focused on this being an area of concern for me. I pile on the concealer under by eyes; this you’ll know if you have read my concealer wows so you’d say eye cream is a must for someone like me.

The test suggested I get the drops of youth eye concentrate which I absolutely love it has a soothing roller ball that always seems to be so cold and refreshing. In the instructions it suggests applying this in a laying down figure 8, basically an infinity sign ∞. I use this at night.

I then decided to try the Vitamin E eye cube well mainly because its so darn dinky and cute and I have never seen a more easy and unique formula its like a lip balm but for your eyes. I use this before make up so my eye area is kept hydrated even under all my concealer.

The last thing I picked up I forgot to photograph! Its the Vitamin C Microdermabrasion scrub, this is such an active scrub and I suggest using it twice a month because of it being so active – too much vitamin C can work against you instead of with you. There is no scrub like this, it really gets into the pores and cleans them out – I actually checked to see if it works by have a look at my nose in x10 magnifying mirror before using it and then after, I was blown away at how it cleaned my skin.

Right after all of this I think I am heading upstairs to get into a lush filled bath and body shop face scrub then mask. Do you use Body Shop if so which range ? Any products you think I should try?