The ponds pimple stopper

You know those pesky hard period pimples? Well Ponds had the solution to stop them in their tracks with their new Pimple Clear range which is said to be their biggest innovation in the last wait for it  N I N T Y  F I V E  years!! Yip thats how long Ponds has been around, lets never forget my Grandpa’s joke around MaxFactor and Ponds k? (if you have no idea what joke I’m talking about read it here)

The Ponds Pimple Clear range is said to work in just 3 days, lucky for me (or unlucky not so sure) I could actually take the 3 day challenge as I had some pesky period pimples to test it out on.

ponds pimple clear review

The range consist of a facial foam wash and a leave on gel. I was skeptical of the foam wash as I have always known foams to be quite drying on the skin and can leave the face feeling quite tight, happy to report that this Ponds foam wash doesn’t do that at all my face did not feel tight or dry at all it was left feeling clean and fresh.

I was also a little skeptical of the gel purely because my experience with target pimple treatments is that they tend to dry out the top of the pimple but the lump tends to not go away until it eventually forms a head. That is not how the ponds gel worked at all it definitely worked under the skin.

I think the results really speak for themselves:

As you can see in day 1 I had quite a lot of redness/smaller spots by day 3 these had gone and were stopped before they formed anything. The redness became more targeted and concentrated within one day kind of like it was drawing the pimple to one area to lock it in. I then noticed that the pimple reduced in size, the lump went down and became flat which indicates that the product works beneath the skin and not just on the surface.

The Ponds Pimple clear range is also so affordable +- R50 each. Although the tubes are small a little goes a long way for example I choose to not use the gel all over my face but rather on the areas that have pimples and the wash creates enough foam for the entire face with just one tiny squeeze of the product.

Have you tried the Ponds Pimple care range if not what are your go to products of dem pimple days?