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Now there is a reason you see the name ‘Style Bar‘ floating around and that’s not just because of sponsorship its because Style Bar offer two unique experiences that other salons don’t;

First of all Style Bar is affiliated with Retail Box this means that most products found on Retail Box can be found at Style Bar and your Retail Box orders can be collected at your nearest Style Bar. So you can expect walls and walls of products 😍

IMG_93482aaannnd more…IMG_9348

Secondly Style Bar offers a luxurious experience, their salons focus on the little details from the decor to the cappuccinos you feel relaxed, comforted and taken care of. This is not a bustling salon that you go into and hear thousands of blow dryers loud music, enough hair on the floor to make a weave – no no Style Bar is a relaxing experience in-between sipping on cappuccinos and head massages you can be sure to walk out with a brand new do.


IMG_9309told you.. details, details, details
IMG_9335 even the coat wrack is styling, details people!IMG_9330What we can not forget is the array of styling tools, the latest opal GHD which is just all kinds of beautiful’ness in its self and is currently on sale JUST SAYING..
IMG_9325and of course the cute travel friendly Veaudry stylers:IMG_9319

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