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stila eyes are the window to the mind palette

stila eyes are the window to the mind palette review

If you have read this and this post you will know that I am clearly OBSESSED with the stila eyes are the window.. palettes from the packaging to the quotes and of course the pigmentation, colours and quality of the shadows. So when takealot had a beauty sale it was only right that I picked up the matt offering of the range.. eyes are the window to the MIND

Let me say straight away my matt eye shadow game is not on point at all, my girl Gabi is basically matt eye shadow goals errrday! I dream of those clean soft lines that only matt shadows can give and thus I knew that Stila was definitely where to start dabbling in the matt shadow game.

As with the other two eyes are the window palettes the shadows are buttery and pigmented, I was a little scared of some of the tones in this palette eg perception (burnt orange) because I had no idea how to use this shade but what I’m learning is these tones are great transition shades.

stila eyes are the window palettes

As with the other two Stila eyes are the window to the Soul and Spirit I highly recommend any of these palettes, pigmented, buttery, easy to blend and hardly any fall out!

stila liquid lipstick in bellissima

I also picked up the liquid lipstick in Bellissima so thought I would give a quick review on it too. I absolutely love the formula of this liquid lipstick not sticky or drying, however I chose the wrong shade for me. Bellissima is a very chalky pink and kind of made my lips look what I like to call pixalated. I tried so many different ways unfortunately it wasn’t for me so I passed it on to someone a little more olive skinned than I am and on her it looks stunning. I’d love to try Patina my gurl Gabi did a review on this shade here I’d also love to try Beso and Fiery, deep red shades.

Have you tried any Stila palettes or liquid lipsticks shades you can recommend?