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The lovely Leigh-Unicorn-Leigh from Fairleigh tagged me in the sisterhood tag, so I thought it would be fun to answer them. I’m not going to tag anyone as lets be honest  a d m i n  BUT I am going to add three questions below for YOU to answer in the comments 🙂

1. Do you think the moon is made of cheese, or is it just a ginormous mushroom in the sky?

I think the if the moon was edible it would definitely be quite cheesy!

2. Did you see The Dress as blue and black, or white and gold? (Evil laugh.)

White and Gold, anyone who says otherwise is colour blind!

3. Where’s you favourite spot in your home?

On my DIY palette day bed! 

4. Do you shower more, or bath more?


5. Do you ALWAYS brush your teeth before bedtime?

Noppppppe :/

6. At which age should people stop going to the shops barefoot? (I’m asking on behalf of all mankind.)

I don’t think any person should willingly go to the shops barefoot. One.word.GERMS!

7. Which 4 things do you never leave the house with out? Your house keys, car keys, cellphone and wallet do not count.

Tampax, Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, Diary/Note pad and Portable phone charger (anyone with an iphone knows exactly why this is needed!)

8. If you had a magic wand, which spell would you use first and why?

Hmmm that’s a hard one but I think I would cast a spell on the entire human race to have more of a humble spirit and less evil.

9. Do you drool when you sleep?

Not that I know of.

10. If I said I had magic sweets that could let you read minds after you ate them, would you eat them?

I don’t think so I wouldn’t want to read all the nasty things people think!


My questions for YOU:

1) What is the one part of yourself/personality/looks that you absolutely LOVE?

I try and be humble, have humility and empathise with others, basically an optimist!

2) If you could visit one place in the world where would it be?

Paris, cheesy I know #wanderlust

3) What is your favourite colour?

pastels of all shades!