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launch: ster kinekor cine prestige


As most of you know my blog is still a baby that being said I haven’t been to a lot of fancy shmancy events but on Thursday that all changed. I was lucky enough to be invited to Ster Kinekor’s launch of their luxury cinema – cine prestige and well prestige it is I actually don’t think there is any chance of me ever going to the movies in any other way.. spoilt brat!


Says Fiaz Mahomed, CEO of Ster-Kinekor Theatres: “This exclusive cinema format epitomises film-viewing heaven and pure luxury rolled into one. The two Cine Prestige cinemas at Cavendish are fitted with 44 and 40 seats respectively, made up of a combination of single and double automated recliner chairs that ooze lavish comfort. Each chair has a snack tray neatly fitted into it to accommodate the gourmet platters and refreshments, and includes yet another first for Ster-Kinekor:  a refrigerated cup-holder to ensure that your drink stays cold throughout the film.

“We have also introduced another exciting innovation to make this luxury cinema experience a smooth and seamless one. Guests are able to order refreshments, including a delicious selection of gourmet platters, making use of a tablet for fast and efficient service. This is a first for any cinema across the continent!” states Mahomed.

When entering the exclusive VIP Lounge area of the new Cine Prestige cinemas, guests are welcomed and served personally by the cinema hosts and waiters. Using the tablets on hand, guests are able to place their order and indicate where they would like it to be served – either in the lounge, or at their seat inside the cinema – and at what time they would like each ordered item.

“So, a guest might like a coffee in the lounge, a gourmet platter or a drink and popcorn in the cinema as the film starts, and a delicious dessert half-way through the film. All this is now possible with the new technology that we have introduced here at Cine Prestige in Cavendish,” explains Mahomed.



If you imagine Kim Kardashian going to the movies this is where she would go! The red seats recline back as far as you would like them to and slowly so there is no big jolt in your universe, busty ladies I’m sure you know what I mean! The little cup holder can be made to chill your drink throughout the film so no more lukewarm drinks! There are waiters and you can order a meal / drinks and specify the time you would like them to bring it to you – logistics wise I don’t know how this will work e.g. the waiters being in the way and patrons complaining about loud chewing ? We were lucky enough to taste some bits off the menu which were all so yummy – kebabs, filo pastry samosas, meat balls and oh so heavenly chocolate desert – the perfect finger/snack food.


I got the launch and first up was my sparkling VIP band placed on my wrist then the lovely Leana from Hipstyler, Pretty and Ginger had our selfie with the actors treating us like well modern goddesses evidence here:


We then hurried up stairs to the lounge where we sipped on lotus flower purple cocktails that tasted like juice we had about a bajillion of those guys, we snacked and chatted away with fellow bloggers Heather from Femme Lifestyle and Fiona from Inspired Living  we then saw a few people sneaking into the Cinema and we did the same – so happy we did as we got the BEST seats in the middle.


By each seat was a huuuuuge coke and popcorn – yes I devoured both! We had a little briefing, then it was time to watch Horrible Bosses 2 – the best movie they could of chosen for us to watch, so funny definitely worth a watch and if you haven’t watched the first one then seriously where have you been?


After the movie we were treated to a lovely gift and a yummy desert – I know I have said we were treated and spoilt about 2 trillion times but that is truly the case the whole experience was so luxurious and special I felt like such a celeb with ma girls!


Can you even handle what the gift was.. a leather diary and a BALMAIN Paris pen yes you heard me BALMAIN bro – the only time I have heard or seen Balmain is when Kim Kardashian is crediting their clothes on insta.

A huge thank you to Heather for being my blog pimp – ho ho ho 😉 and Janet from Ster Kinekor for having me.