Black XS #FragranceFriday

Black XS is probably one of the more sophisticated perfumes I own not only with its scent and notes but also with its bottle being quite dark and biker chick like. Paco Rabanne are known for taking risks with their perfumes most of them have some sort of edge to the packaging and the scents are always noticeable, warm and bold.

The Black XS offering from Paco Rabanne is no different it is a sweet yet sophisticated perfume with floral, fruit and woody notes. It is also one of those easy to wear yet striking fragrances with notes of rose, black violet, black vanilla and massoia wood. I can really smell the vanilla in Black XS more than any of the other notes and I think this is probably why I gravitate to it because I love me some vanilla scents.

Packaging: This is more of a dark, grungy type of bottle which is a standout in my collection. Most of the time sweeter fragrances come in light bottles but the bottle immolates the fragrance well-being that is pretty much a badass one!

Notes: Tamarind flower, cranberries, hellebore rose, black violet, black vanilla and massoia wood.

Lasting Power: Black XS is one of those fragrances that wears down during the day but is still smellable by the end of the day, it fades a little to a more soft fragrance by the end of the day.

Day or Night: Both

Thoughts:​ Black XS is one of those fragrances I will probably always have lurking around my collection, is a full proof perfume that is guaranteed to make you feel confident and turn some heads 🙂