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3 best of Clinique make up

Clinique is such a wholesome brand, a brand that you are guaranteed to find something suited to you. A lot of my first make up pieces were Clinique make up hand me downs from my mom, I remember one in particular was this gorgeous taupe brown eyeliner that I wore until there was nothing left. After that I hand some hand me down eyeliners from my aunt in purple and blue with the spongy bit on the other end and this transformed my eyeliner life at the age of 15, all of a sudden I could smudge my liner! #goals

Fast forward a few years and although my make up taste has changed I still have some key Clinique make up pieces in my collection. Today I thought I would take you through my top make up picks.

clinique make up review south african blogger

clinique melon pop review

To start off with we have one of the Clinique lip pop in melon pop. This has to be one of my all time favourite lipsticks it has a gorgeous sheer yet pigmented finish, goes with everything, is moisturising and suits an array of skin tones. I usually keep this shade in my hand bag because it is so versatile and really is a no fuss lipstick. There are so many other shades I have my eye on in this range.. and don’t even get me started on the matte version of this.. Rose Pop I see you and I’m coming for you!

clinique make up review south african blogger

Next up we have Clinique True Bronze, Bronzer. This is an almost matte bronzer with a very subtle hint of gold, it is a warm toned bronzer to really give the face the most subtle sunkissed look, funnily enough the shade is called Sunkissed :p This is a fool proof bronzer the type that can be worn in summer or winter and the type of bronzer you’d take with you on holiday because it’s versatile for day or night AND it has a huge mirror which make it the perfect travel companion.

clinique make up review

Lastly we have another Clinique long lasting lipstick in the shade Red this is probably one of the best red lipsticks out there. It’s a deep blue toned red that will suit almost all skin tones. It has a matte finish but is in no way trying, it truly is a classic shade that makes the perfect fit to a make up collection. Can we also take a moment for the sleek packaging, everytime I whip this out of my handbag I feel so classy, its the kind of packaging you’d imagine a lady from Mad Man using to apply their lipstick.

There are so many bits I can’t wait to try from Clinique namely their foundations which if you didn’t know are available in a wide range of skin tones. The other thing that is on my list is take the day off balm make up remover, if you struggle to find this in store you can buy it directly from Clinique online. What Clinique items are on your wishlist?