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Wishes by Nomination

Oh the ever classic charm bracelet, you know the one where you add a charm to remember a big thing that happened in your life or maybe its more of a tradition where every birthday or anniversary a new charm is added. Nomination is the modern day charm bracelet equivalent with its sleek design and charm designs varying from flat, to dangling to more raised. Whatever charm you’re looking for Nomination has something to add to your collection.

The Nomination brand is constantly evolving and is always on trend be it mixing metals with rose gold, gold and silver or to the latest innovation… Wishes, which features coin like disks with that have little sayings and motivational words on them, another way of keeping your wishes close to you at all time.

Composable jewellery is at the heart of Nomination: the Composable bracelet was the brand’s first creation and it was a true innovation in the jewellery industry. Composable contributed to the democratization of jewellery by introducing valuable stainless steel, a metal which, up until that point, wasn’t used in jewellery making. Together with stainless steel, precious details in gold were added: first came the collection of letters, followed…”

The wishes range forms part of Nomination’s every evolving composable jewellery with necklaces, chain bracelets as well as the original link bracelet offering. So now the options are endless depending on what you feel like. I chose the Wishes Necklace option with the Courage pendant; I absolutely love the lion with the crown emblem and well Courage is something I am always striving towards.

The wishes range is truly one of the most beautiful ranges that Nomination has to offer and is the most diverse with the three options; necklace, chain bracelet and link bracelet.

Let me know in the comments which pendant from the wishes range would you choose? Click here to view Nomination Online