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Urban Decay Naked Cherry Swatches and Review

Seriously can Urban Decay do any wrong with their Naked palettes? I think the only one I didn’t ever gravitate to was Naked Smokey and that is purely because I tend to stay away from cooler tones like greys, silvers and blacks but give me a Naked1 (now discontinued 🙁 ) Naked2, Naked3, Naked Heat and now the newest to the Naked palette collection Naked Cherry!

Naked Cherry is contains 12 all-new shades consisting of mattes and metallics, ranging from creamy ivory, shimmering rose gold to the most intense black cherry.

Shades included:
Hot Spot (ivory matte)
Caution (soft neutral beige matte)
Bang Bang (shimmering pink with gold shift and iridescent micro-sparkle)
Feelz (soft dusty rose matte)
Juicy (soft warm peach) 
Turn On (pale metallic rose shimmer)
Ambitious (metallic rose copper)
Bing (deep mauve matte)
Devilish (reddish plum matte)
Young Love (metallic cranberry)
Drunk Dial (deep metallic burgundy)
Privacy (deep brownish-plum matte)

As with all Urban Decay eyeshadows the colour pay off is incredible; from the soft and light shades like hotspot and caution to the deep burgundy and plum shades like Drunk Dial and Privacy each and every shade is true full colour. The formula is silky and smooth which allows for a wash of colour, build up of intense colour and transitioning/blending of colour.

Naked Cherry offers some versatile shades for a simple day time look and some really beautiful darker shades for a warm pinky burgundy smokey eye look. I must say it is one of my most reached for palettes, I just love shades like; Turn On (pale metallic rose shimmer), Ambitious (metallic rose copper), Bang Bang (shimmering pink with gold shift and iridescent micro-sparkle) and Young Love (metallic cranberry).

When it comes to selecting an Urban Decay Naked Palette I know it can be a little overwhelming. Especially when looking at the palette as a whole, the immediate reaction is that all the shades are one ‘tone’ i.e Naked Heat appears all orange and Naked Cherry appears to be very pink and Naked 2 appears to be really cool tone, which I tend to steer clear from BUT Naked 2 is one of my most reached for palettes! I think this can scare a few people BUT I have a trick for you to choose the best and most useable Naked Palette for you. Take the palette and start to look at it in isolation by covering some of the shades with your hand, like four shades at a time. This allows you to actually see the individual shades and will help you to choose which palette has the most wearable shades for you.

urban decay naked cherry

Which Urban Decay Naked palette is your favourite? FYI Urban Decay is 100% cruelty-free.