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Thomas Sabo Kingdom of Dreams Collection

It is no secret that Thomas Sabo are one of my most favourite Jewellery brands, each piece is beautifully crafted with only the best materials and is so high quality. You will never have to worry about tarnishing, fading or going green with a piece from Thomas Sabo. Never did I ever meet a Thomas Sabo collection that I didn’t love and well the Thomas Sabo Kingdom of Dreams collection is basically made for me think stars, hearts and lockets swooooooon!

Crafted in magnificent detailing, the THOMAS SABO Kingdom of Dreams enchants with royal colour codes and the magic inspired by the starry night sky. The designs are a modern reinterpretation of Victorian aesthetics with a touch of royal opulence. Decorated with hand-set stones and featuring cosmic elements such as the stars and the moon, each piece of jewellery becomes a creation giving free range to imagination.

Can we take a moment for the gorgeous crown ring 😍The Kingdom of Dreams collection is right up my street I love how whimsical and vintage the pieces are. 

I think there is nothing more precious than a well thought of piece of jewellery for gift someone; be it a charm to add to an existing bracelet, a gorgeous necklace or ring there is something so special about unwrapping a piece of jewellery.

Each Thomas Sabo item is so beautifully packaged in a gorgeous black box and/or pouch which just adds to the luxurious feel and experience that the brand offers.

Thomas Sabo kindly offered me two pieces to choose and giveaway and it was so difficult to select items from the collection, I went back and forth with what to choose but I immediately knew I had to go for the Dreams Star & Moon Gold Mismatch Earrings. These are described as: handcrafted earrings in star and moon shape are a real eye-catcher with magical blue stone combinations and detailed ornaments. The special feature is the combination of vintage design language and en-vogue mismatching trend.

Anyone who knows me or follows me will know how Cara these earrings are. The fact that they’re mismatched, a star and a moon, gold and encrusted with gorgeous multi coloured cubic zirconias. They’re the perfect length and I think can be worn day or night, glammed up with hair up and more casj with hair down.

The next piece that I chose was the round gold locket, which is described as a two in one: This delicate, vintage-inspired medallion with removable, length-adjustable chain is a beautiful eye-catcher and a personal piece of jewellery at the same time. The pendant can be opened – mementos of loved ones and special moments can be concealed inside it. Six white diamonds sparkle in the centre of the star on the front.

There is something so special about a locket isn’t there, a place to keep your most special memory or person on your chest all day. I chose a picture doing our fingerprints for our wedding register the funny thing is this wasn’t even a photo I had thought I’d want on the day but it just happened and turned out to be the most perfect for my new Thomas Sabo Kingdom of Dreams locket – because our marriage is my kingdom of dreams <3

There are so many other gorgeous pieces in this range that I love from the gorgeous multicoloured studs to the golden star hoops and who can forget about the stunning crown ring

Let me know in the comments which is your favourite piece from the Thomas Sabo Kingdom of Dreams collection (view the collection here)? hint make sure you’ve liked my Facebook page and follow me on Instagram to WIN!