The Best Personalised Gifts in South Africa

Let’s talking about gifting, we all know that the big V day is coming up and although this can be a very cliche day focused around consumerism there is something special about being given a thoughtful personalised gift – you know something that was made for JUST you.

Some may argue how can you show how much you truly care for someone with a gift? I think firstly; you customise it to their personality and then you fill it with diamonds, simple really. This article will prove (not that it needs proving) that a customised piece of jewellery will be the most precious gift you ever give or receive. Sure, personalised T-shirts are awesome, but diamonds are simply better. Here are just some of the options you should consider if you choose to buy luxury personalised jewellery for your loved one.

Personalised Necklaces

The beauty of this option, and all customised jewellery will really, is that it can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be. Whether it be for someone with plainer tastes, perhaps a personalised and engraved charm on a chain or an elaborate collection of stones to adorn like Cleopatra in her palace or Audrey Hepburn sporting some serious ice on the Red Carpet.

Whether they are channeling Elizabeth Taylor or Audrey Hepburn, your loved one will feel like a movie star if gifted a custom made necklace, tailored to their tastes.

The biggest designers like Dior and Tiffany have taken to creating personalised pieces by making use of initials, lettering, dates or personal messages. This puts the personalisation of the jewellery at the forefront and the focal point of the piece, making it even more special.

Professionally Designed Rings

If it’s been said once let us be the ones to say it again; the best personalised gifts in South Africa to receive (at any point in time) is a professionally made, custom designed ring. If it’s an engagement ring all the better because we all love weddings and big surprises over the holidays. This is not to say that the only people who would love a personalised gift in the form of a custom designed ring are unmarried women. Anyone would love a gift from a loved one in the form of a customised ring, it is thoughtful, beautiful and unlikely something they would buy for themselves. In other words, the perfect personalised gift.

Another popular means of using gemstones in this application is to gift a loved one with a somewhat simpler ring but adorning their birthstone. This is the perfect gift for mothers, daughters as well as other family and friends.

Having a simple ring engraved as a personalised gift in South Africa is also a popular choice. You can make it the focus of the piece or hide in on the inner band so that it is just for you.

For customised jewellery made just for you, make sure that you use professional jewellery designers.