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The Strange Primer PT 4

I can’t believe we are on the fourth and last post of my primer series! We have covered Dewy, Cream and Gel primers. Today is all about the strange primer, the product you wouldn’t consider using as a primer!

eucerin aquaphor as make up primer south african blogger

Let’s begin with Eucerin’s Aquaphor what an all in one produce this one is, it’s basically a dupe for Elizabeth Arden 8-hour cream! Did you ever think to use it as a primer? I didn’t until my cheeks became very dehydrated and I could see they needed more moisture than my T-Zone needs and that is exactly what I began to do.. multi-priming! Pretty much the same as multi-masking in that you target different parts of your face that have different needs. I have said it sooooo many times, especially within the primer posts that I have combo to dehydrated skin, so using a mattifying primer or foundation all the time takes its toll on my cheeks which need hydration. That is how I started trying Aquaphor as a primer, the tinest bit goes a long way, locks in moisture and makes the foundation stay put all day! I tried to use it all over my face but unfortunately my T-Zone ate up all the foundation as I’m just too oily in those parts, but for my cheeks its such a winner! I think this would be such a great product for someone with very dry/dehydrated skin. If you do have that type of skin and decide to try Aquaphor, please let me know how you find it as I’d love to hear!

nivea after shave as make up primer south african blogger

Yes, yes I know you all know about the wonder that is Nivea Post Shave Balm. If you don’t you can read my full review here. I am just going to reiterate how much I love this primer for all over my face, it locks in moisture whilst creating a silky base for foundation application. I don’t know how but it also works well with most skin types, my mom even uses and loves it and she has quite dry skin. Also once again great value for money and available all over, pick it up whilst doing your groceries!

eucerin aquaphor as make up primer south african blogger

Thank you so much for reading and being part of my primer series! Don’t forget to have a look at the other three posts if you haven’t already;

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Let me know which primers you love!