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revlon mascara breakdown

revlon mascara review south africa

revlon mascara review

Revlon Mascara’s – Revlon recently scrapped all of there mascaras and created a whole new range with 5 new mascaras; All-in-One, Ultra Volume, Volume & Length, Dramatic Definition and Super Length, Today I thought I would give you my thoughts on the 4 that I have and the way I like to use/combine them.

revlon mascara review

Red All in One – is the all rounder that claims to be the all rounder with 5 benefits; Volume, Length, Definition, Lift and Intense Colour as you can see the brush is a horizontal oval shape with very tiny bristles. This seems to be an all round favourite of most people that I speak to however for me this is not a great all rounder I think this is mainly due to the fact that I already have quite long upper lashes so it can be quite tedious using it on my upper lashes BUT that being said I use this as a bottom lash mascara  E V E R Y  day, the brush is so perfect because it so small it can really catch the little eyelashes in the corner which is why this is so perfect for me as a bottom lash mascara.I think this mascara would work really well particularly for ladies with short lashes.

revlon mascara review

Pink Ultra Volume – oh my love for this is just never ending. The brush is exactly what I look for in a mascara; a big fiber brush. The formula is more dry than wet which means that there is less of a chance for smudging. This gives my lashes a really full look which makes it perfect for everyday. I choose to use this in combination with the red mascara for my lower lashes.

revlon mascara review

Green Super Length – Again a big fiber brush but this time this one is really all about creating dem loooooooong lashes! Being a big brush it really is one of my favourites, I like to use this one in the evening as it gives more of a dramatic look.

revlon mascara review

Blue Volume & Length – and again a big fiber brush, I find this very similar to the pink one although it does give my lashes more of a dramatic look and little more length than the pink one.

revlon mascara

The biggest thing I learnt from testing these four Revlon mascaras is the fact that everyone has different lashes and therefore different needs/looks they’re going for. That’s why this range is so awesome because it truly caters to everyone!

Which is your favourite?