Maybelline Fit Me #FitForAfrica

It ain’t no lie that out of all the make up products out there foundation and concealers are one of my most favourite things to try out, mainly because I don’t go many days without either one or the other. Foundation is also a very interesting product in that once you find a goodie you’ll most likely stick to it because there is nothing worse than a terrible foundation that either turns into a slippery greasy mess by the end of the day, oxidises so I end up like an oompa loompa or your face is so hungry it eats it all up. So basically when you find a good foundation you stick to it and that is exactly how I feel about Maybelline Fit Me +Poreless!!

Obviously I first saw this foundation pop up all over the place on overseas blogs and added it to my must try list. Then one day I was browsing on Zando and stumbled upon it for R99 I almost had to pick my jaw up and immediately thought it couldn’t be legit because A) R99 and B) I hadn’t even seen it in store yet but my friends it was legit and lives up to all the hype! I picked up the lightest shade 110 porcelain which I was shocked that it was even available because usually the lightest shade we get here is ivory. As soon as it arrived I immediately wore it the next day, for the first time in ages I had three people complement me on my foundation, how good my skin looked and what a good colour match – there is zero jaw line blending needed.

The formula of Maybelline Fit Me is probably one of the most unique matte foundations I have ever used, its extremely thin in consistency but covers like a dream. Usually matte foundations are thick and cakey but one thin layer and your face is flawless and its buildable if you do have any areas that need extra coverage. Although Fit Me is a matte formulation I haven’t found it drying or overly flat on my skin at all.

In terms of shades Maybelline Fit Me is available in F O U R T E E N shades ranging from porcelain to espresso, definitely a shade for everyone!

Within the Maybelline Fit Me range there are powders as well as concealers.. patiently waiting for the concealers to land on South African stores. The Fit Me powders (available in 9 shades) are finely milled and really lightweight, because the foundation has a matte finish I don’t need to add the powder on top of it daily but I like to carry it with me in my handbag to top up my t-zone during the day. When added ontop of the foundation it still doesn’t leave a cakey finish, lets just face it Maybelline Fit Me + poreless is one of the greatest foundation formulations out there!

Have you tried the Maybelline Fit Me range yet?