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Lush Bubble Bars | Review


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I must say I am very slow to get on the band-wagon that is Lush, although all my favourite Youtubbers rave about this brand I stand to be convinced, honestly I find them very over priced here in South Africa eg R30 for a bath bomb (it lasts 1 use) that being said I find the bubble bars and massage bars great value for money – you can used them a few times before they finish and I just love that! I don’t want my pamper session to be finished in one bomb (see what I did there;-) )


I was actually sent my first taste of LUSH from Beauty Bulletin which I reviewed here. After that I just knew that the bubble bars were my thing and the fact that I get to use over and over is just a plus for the budget.


I recently picked up “The Comforter” R54: This one has a fruity smell and I knot it is one of the most popular bubble bars, gives the feeling of being hugged and comforted on a day where the world has kicked your a** and I got the “Karma Bubble” R39: The smell of this reminds me of summer and sun (oranges and light spices), the interesting part is each time you use it your nose will catch a different top note fragrance.

Lastly who can leave out the quirky BRIGHT yellow packaging that s Lush – with a little compost illustration, you just get this feel that you are using a handmade product that is made in a garage and that it was specially made for you, when in fact you are using a well known worldwide brand – love that feeling of exclusivity.


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