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Favourite Moisture Masks

One of my most favourite skincare items is a mask, I love a good deep cleaning mask but I love me a good moisture mask! Moisture masks can be used whilst multi masking or I have found another way to use it, so you’re guaranteed to wake up with silky smooth plump face… leaving the mask on overnight! This allows you to use a deep cleaning mask and then sleep with a moisture mask or if your face needs an injection of moisture! These are my top go to moisture masks.

  • Bioderma Hydrabio Mask, the consistency of this mask isn’t too thick which is also a plus because my skin tends to absorb it much faster than most moisture masks. It is very similar to a rich moisturiser I think thats why my skin seems to absorb it quickly. This would also be great for anyone with sensitive skin, its a plain and simple moisture mask.

  • Avene Soothing Moisture Mask, this has to be one of my most favourite moisture masks. Much like the Bioderma this is a simple mask that would suit anyone with sensitive skin, it isn’t too thick but can be built up however I love using this overnight when I wake up my face is so supple and plump.

  • The Body Shop Vitamin E, I absoluetly love the Vitamin E range from The Body Shop it smells amazing and the range is ALL about intense hydration! This masks constancy is more gelly like compare to the other two so I prefer to use this one when multimasking and then patting off the excess as I find my skin doesn’t absorb it all my the morning.

  • Clinique Sculptwear, this is classified as a contouring massage cream mask aka using it to give yourself a face massage which is great to use before bed – a little face massage to get the blood flowing didn’t ever hurt anyone 🙂 Unlike the other 3 masks in this most the Sculptwear is the most similar to a moisturiser and if you really need a kick of moisture this can be totally used as a moisturiser.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, it was quite hard to write as all four moisture masks do give a very similar effect and the difference I notice between them is more to do with the consistency of each one. Last thing is no matter what your skin type – dry, dehydrated or combination a good moisture mask is a must in your skincare arsenal. One of the biggest skincare mistakes I used to make is to only use purifying masking because I have an oily t-zone I never saw the need to add extra moisture but I couldn’t be more wrong! All skin types require some sort of moisture, you never want to strip your skin!

What are you favourite masks?