Eye creams, highend and lowend

Eye cream is something I have used for as long as I can remember, my mom has always told me that one of the first areas to age is around the eyes and that the skin around the eye area is so thin that its important to keep it moisturised and if you’re using a finger to apply cream make sure to use your ring finger because its the gentlest.

I think eye cream is the probably one of the skincare items that people overlook but I’m here to tell you not to! No matter your budget there is one out there for you, here’s a look at 5 of my most favourite eye creams.

Starting off with the a high end eye cream Dermalogica Stress Positive Eye Lift, I have written a full review on this eye cream (click here) but in a nutshell it has a cooling application and works amazing well especially at visibly lifting the eye/eye brows.

Avene YstheAL this is probably one of my most favourite eye creams, it isn’t to rich, sinks straight into the eye area and offers a visible difference with dehydrated eye area and crows feet. The Avene YstheAL can also be used around the mouth, which is an area we often forget about when it comes to anti-aging, I usually apply this around my eye area and lips at night. It costs about R370 for 15ml and lasted me about 5 months as it is thin, a little goes a long way. This has to be one of my most favourite eye creams, to be fair I have never tried an Avene product that I haven’t liked, its really a great brand. 

Last up we have two Body Shop eye creams I have used on and off for years and probably will continue to, the range is affordable and broad. The drops of youth eye concentrate has a soothing roller ball that always seems to be so cold and refreshing. In the instructions it suggests applying this in a laying down figure 8, basically an infinity sign ∞. It is more of a serum than a cream and kicked my fine lines to the curve!

I then have the Body Shop Vitamin E eye cube in my skincare routine ALL the time, its affordable and is unlike any of the eye creams mentioned above, the unique formula is more like a lip balm but for your eyes! I love to use this in the morning because of the texture being more balmy it sinks right into the eye area and works well at keeping my under eyes hydrated even under concealer.

Do you use eye cream in your skin care routine?