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Eucerin UreaRepair Review

Eucerin is one of the best brands out there for sensitive or problematic skin, from face care to body care Eucerin have something for every skin issue you could have. Today I am going to chat to you about their UreaRepair range and how it has helped with a little skin issue I have… Keratosis Pilaris (chicken skin)

If you don’t know what KP is it is basically a very common skin condition that often is found on the back of peoples arms and sometimes thighs. It is basically little red bumps that formed by blocked hair follicles and an excess of keratin being produced. I have had this for as long as I can remember as a child I remember it looking a little differently with little white bumps and red skin. Back then I was always told to scrub my arms however that really doesn’t help much especially if you aren’t moisturising. I have tried everything from prescribed creams to over the counter creams, I have even cut out gluten from diet as it is said this is a cause for excess keratin production and although cutting out gluten does make a huge difference in the redness the bumps are still very much present.

After going back to my doctor for a check up I showed him my skin as the prescribed cream was finished and he straight away said you need to try a cream with urea in it – Urea is an active ingredient added to creams to treat severe dryness, itchiness, psoriasis or dermatitis. Of course I went straight to Dischem to pick up some Urea infused cream, and that is when I first discovered Eucerin 3 years ago and have never looked back.

Eucerin UreaRepair lotion is available with 5% or 10% Urea, I always opt for the 10% for my arms. The lotion is very thin and sinks into the skin almost immediately. It is fragrance free and doesn’t leave you feeling sticky or like you can’t get dressed immediately. The thing with keratosis plilaris is that it will never go away completely, if you have it then unfortunately it will be there forever but what you can do is keep it at bay and that is exactly what the Eucerin UreaRepair range does it keeps the skin nourished and moisturised so the arms don’t look so angry or bumpy.

Now onto a new discovery from Eucerin, the UreaRepair body wash with 5% urea. I think this has been a game changer for my KP as I apply some of this on a rough loofer scrub my arms to get the blood flowing and then go straight onto applying the lotion. Since adding the body wash to my arm routine I have noticed an even bigger difference than when I was just using the lotion. The awesome part of the body wash is that it is so gentle that it can be used ALL over the body, plus it comes in this huge 400ml bottle with a pump for only R180 – what a bargain! 

The last UreaRepair product I have been testing is the handcream – I am such a handcream flirt. I have one in my handbag, next to my and at my desk however I go in and out of phases where I use them all the time. The problem with this is most of the handcreams I have used sink into the skin and the softness lasts for a few hours and then my hands feel like a desert again, I then go back into my cycle of forgetting to apply it. Thats what I like about the Eucerin UreaRepair handcream is that even if I do not apply it for 2 days it has sunk into my hands and made a difference in the texture, I have never experienced this with any other handcream.

If you have any type of skin issue or even just sensitive skin I highly recommend having a look at what Eucerin have to offer as I am sure you will find something just for you. 🙂