Elizabeth Arden Prevage Progressive Renewal Treatment

The Product

Elizabeth Arden Prevage Progressive Renewal Treatment (R2,100) what is that mouth full? Well in simple it is an at home 4-week intensive face peeling treatment formulated specifically to resurface the face to ideally reveal smoother, brighter, younger-looking skin. Did it do that? Read on to find out….

The kit includes four vials and one dropping pipette. Each vial contains a mixture of powerful Idebenone (an anti-oxidant to repair damage and protect cells) and Polyhydroxy acid (PHA) which is a chemical acid that has larger sized molecules than most other acids, so it exfoliates and penetrates the skin at a much slower rate. The benefit of the slower penetration is there is no immediate reaction on your skin but instead it works with consistency of using the 4-week course and slowly peels the skin.

Each vial has a compartment in the lid that you have to press firmly, which releases the Idebenone anti-oxidant powder into the acid-rich solution inside the bottle for a freshly-mixed serum. Once shaken, you swap the lid for the dropping pipette.  

With the start of each vial the product within is stronger, the idea behind this is that your skin will become accustomed to the ‘renewal’/peeling process.


One vial is used per week with a full pipette applied to clean skin every night. This can be followed with normal night cream or serum if you want, as long as it doesn’t contain any actives as you want to allow the Prevage Renewal Treatment to work in isolation. I did not follow with anything on top as I wanted to truly test the product on its own.

If you don’t know much about the Prevage range by Elizabeth Arden; the range is specifically to protect the skin from UV, pollution and toxins. A personal favourite of mine is the Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart Broad Spectrum SPF. I would however say this is a range to begin using late 20’s early 30’s, which is a box I am ticking nowadays… can’t believe I am the last year of my 20’s!

About my skin

I have combination skin with a tendency to be dehydrated however a more oily T-Zone. I have freckles, pigmentation from both the sun as well as previous breakouts on my chin. My pores aren’t overly large however on my nose they do appear slightly larger than anywhere else on my face. I also tend to still get pimples on my chin and jawline.

My skincare regime consists of cleansing my face, exfoliating once a week, simple day cream, sun cream and incorporating actives (either retinol or vitamin c or glycolic acid) in a night cream/serum. So pretty simple but it works for me, no muss no fuss!

My thoughts

Overall I loved the idea of the kit, there is something about actually finishing a product and moving onto a new one. The kit is almost a gamification of skincare I found that I couldn’t wait to open up the next vial and see results. Throughout the trial without incorporating another nigh moisturizer on top, my skin isn’t that dry so I didn’t feel like I even needed to add anything extra on top.

During week one I didn’t notice a difference. As the weeks rolled into one another so my skin texture improved, I found that the pores on my nose and forehead became less visible and overall the tone of my skin was brighter and texture became a lot smoother and I almost wish there was a continuation from week 4 that I could use every night.

It has been about 2 weeks since I finished using the kit and I am having withdrawals that’s for sure, I have now returned to using my Elizabeth Arden retinol ceramide capsules. Although my skin texture has stayed smooth I feel that the luminosity has subsided a bit.

If you are looking for something to kick start your skincare regime that is going to take it to the next level skin making it more smooth and glowy I definitely recommend giving the Elizabeth Arden Prevage Progressive Renewal Treatment a go. Would I buy it again? YES!