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Clinique x Marimekko review

There is no doubt that when it comes to glossy lips Clinique get the formula spot on! As I have mentioned time and time again their lipglosses are some of the best! So really this collection is no different – a limited edition collection with the Finnish design house Marimekko who make the most amazing vibrant patterns. All the shine, no stick and that is exactly what this range offers, a highly pigmented shiney gloss and no sticky, gooey lips!

I am the first one to be suspicious when it comes to lipgloss, maybe its because lipgloss was one of my first ever lip products; you know the ones in super fruity flavours with a roller ball applicator and the logo had a pair of white lips – what a throwback! If the wind blew whilst wearing one of these uber glossy lipglosses your lips became like those yellow sticky fly traps in stead of flies they attracted sand or strands of hair. You see where I’m going although there is nothing more beautiful than a plump flossy lip but when you have to sacrifice pulling your hair off your lips then its just not worth it for me!

Shades: 09 Bonfire, 05 Bubbly Pop, 08 Tenderheart, 20 Sangria Pop and 14 Fruity Pop

In comes the Clinique x Marimekko collection, ‘designed to shine – all shine, no stick’ and that is exactly what this gloss collection has to offer; 15 glossy shades ranging from nudes to plums, glitters to pure gloss.

I am a sucker for nude glosses so I definitely gravitate to the lighter hues such as coconut pop, air kiss and tenderheart. Surprisingly I also really enjoyed the two glitter/metallic shades I tried bonfire and bubbly pop; the glitter isn’t chunky and you really only notice glimmers of it when the light shines on it. As for the darker plum shades for a gloss they’re really pigmented but not in an opaque way, they also leave a stain on the lips once the shine dies down. The darker shades are not for me, I just love a fully opaque plum lip look although these could be used as a topper if you’d like an opaque but glossy lip.

The Clinique x Marimekko lipglosses cost R320 and are on a limited edition basis online or in store. What is your take on a good ol’ lipgloss?