Best Black Friday Hack!

Guys Black Friday is right around the corner and if you’re a long time follower you’ll know the hack I use year on year to avoid the panic, last minute unwanted items or the pressure that the day brings with it and that is….. WISH-LISTING!

Year on year I write a list of things I need (last year was Electric tooth brush lol!) and then things I’ve BEEN wanting all year (last year was my Adidas Adilette slides – no judgies mmmkay!) I then go onto the sites that have the items most of the Fashion pieces can be found on Superbs because lets be honest they’re a one stop shop. Takealot is also a goodie for any techy bits and Dischem is great for random bits.

I have already started my Black Friday wish-listing way ahead of time (Black Friday is 29th November) and although it doesn’t guarantee that everything will be discounted at least I don’t need to sift through on the day or worse forget some things!

Another tip is to plan ahead for all upcoming gifts, Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays – you name it, you buy it!

Here are a few items in my Superbalist wish-list, also how cool is that you can actually share a link to your wish-list? It’s like a real life Pinterest board of items you can legit attain!

First up sneaks, I love sneakers but lets be honest they’re generally quite expensive so I grabbing them on discount is always a good idea.

I’ve been eyeing platform Superga’s for the longest time..

..and Converse are always a good idea

Black Friday is also a time to wish-list and purchase your accessories online  like belts, handbags or even new purse perhaps?

Black Friday is also the best time to splurge (without spending all the money!) on a new leather, everday bag. This Mango olive/khaki bag is the biz:

So in a nutshell my tips are start wish-listing way ahead of time, download the Superbalist app so you get all the push notifications and Easter eggs during the day. Get lots of sleep the night before (28th November) and set an alarm to get ready to early morning shop so you don’t miss out.

Let me know what’s on your wishlist and if you want to have a look at mine for some inspo click here…