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3INA the new make-up on the block

3INA make up South Africa

Beauty without expression is boring – Ralph Waldo Emerson

3INA make up South Africa

I am always so excited when a new brand hits the South African market, mainly because it gets me out of the same old same old mindset. All of a sudden there are new formulas, textures and colours to play with and thus make up becomes fun again!

3INA make up South Africa

When the 3ina (pronounced Mina, which means Me in Zulu. This is actually ironic because the brand is really focused on everywomen with so many multicultural shades for fair and darker skin tones. Therefore it really is about ‘me’/YOU!) box arrived I was instantly impressed by the gorgeous branding.

3INA is distinguished by luxurious, richly pigmented formulas in a broad array of formulations and shades and is unlike any other range. We plan to turn beauty on its head, enabling people to write their own definition through exciting and innovative products. Cristina Cobo – Head of Product Development.

3INA make up South Africa

As you can see the branding is very on trend, minimal and has a lot of attention to detail, each item is in a box and feels so luxurious and special. 3INA will come into the market with an average price of R150 per item and there are 450 products!

3INA make up South Africa

Packaging and branding aside, 3INA embodies what is it to be a modern day woman – free and creative. With shades for an array of skin tones; which we all know there is such a gap in the market, especially within Africa let alone at an affordable price point. 3INA also encourages women to break out and be creative with their make up, embracing colour and having fun!

3INA make up South Africa

Now onto my favourite 3INA products:

3INA make up South Africa 3INA felt tip liner review

My first favourite is actually a hero product of 3INA and #1 global seller, which makes so much sense because its amazing! Introducing the 3INA Pen Eyeliner; a calligraphy style wiggle-free that is so easy to use and gives the perfect flick or tight line. I have featured this a few times on my snapchat GRWM’s (if you’re not following me and you’re interested in these then follow – carafay95) This liner is jet black and has a matte finish. As you can see the nib is also so fine and short which really helps to create a perfect line.

3INA make up South Africa

3INA make up South Africa highlighter review

Next up the highlighter – can we take a moment for the size of the pan, yaaaas! This is such a subtle gold/warm toned highlighter and perfect for during the day. It give a lovely lit within glow without chunks of glitter and without looking like you’re even wearing highlight. It’s perfect for the heavy hand peeps out there (myself included!) that can sometimes get carried away with highlight!

3INA make up South Africa lipstick review

The shiny lipstick 211, look at that pigmentation! Its rare to find a very pigmented shiny lipstick without layering the heck out of your lips. The above swatch is just one swipe of the lipstick. I am not the hugest fan of shiny lipsticks mainly because my experience usually ends up with the lipstick bleeding out of my lip lines and I end up looking like a hot mess! I think that has to do with the formula so usually a lip liner is needed, with the 3ina version I didn’t experience this at all. It stayed put and of course did need re applying after eating. It’s a nice break from a matte lip and I definitely want to try other shades in this formula.

3INA make up South Africa review

Onto the gloss. I love a good non sticky gloss, you know the type you can wear on its own, pair with a matte lipstick or use over a lipliner. I am always on a hunt for a non sticky version because there is nothing worse than sticky lips! The wind blows and all of a sudden you have sand/dirt or hair stuck to you, yuk! I am so impressed with the 3INA gloss though, its got a subtle colour is glossy but no sticky yukiness!

Other 3INA hero products include the global #1 seller Longwear Lipstick,  Smooth Primer,  3INA Nail Polish collection – I had a look at the UK site and have a look at these shades! Definitely on the wish list.

3INA make up South Africa Nail Polish
3INA make up South Africa

3INA will be launching its first store in Eastgate Mall this month with a second store opening in Menlyn Shopping Centre later this year. Are you excited for 3INA?