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Vanilla OREO Gift Idea {DIY}

I think we all remember when OREO became a household brand, for me it all started with this advert:

I was immediately sold and as a kid who didn’t like to drink a glass of milk, OREO had me sold! Fast forward a few years OREO has evolved globally with different flavours, chocolate and even an OREO Ice-Cream sandwich (its delicious BTW!)

Today I excited to share with you the new OREO offering to the South African market… V A N I L L A

oreo diy

OREO Golden is a vanilla cream biscuit with a vanilla centre to give you a FULL-ON vanilla taste. This is the 3rd variant of OREOs to the South African market and just in time for the festive season!


Now onto the Golden DIY, you know when you’re invited to dinner and you’re asked to bring dessert, want to create something different but suck at baking and want to make a little more effort than picking up some chocolate mousse from woolies? Well I’m going to show you a super quick and easy DIY OREO dessert or gift, I like to call it my box of bejeweled biscuits.



These are so simple and quick to make, watch the video below to see how I created my bejeweled OREOS:


If you’re up in Jozi make sure to head on over to the food court at The Zone at Rosebank on 2nd, 3rd, 4th December to get your very own #GoldenSelfie at the Oreo Golden WonderSelfie event.

Look out for Oreo Golden available in stores nationwide from October 2016.#LetWonderOut with Oreo on Facebook and Twitter @Oreo.