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Laundry Tips + LG Smart Inverter Washing Machine Review

One of the first grown up items I bought was a washing machine, I remember it clearly I was working during the 2010 World Cup and saved up all my money to buy a washing machine (years of knocking on neighbours doors to borrow their washing machine will do this to you!). From this moment on I shrunk my clothes, mixed the wrong colours until I found my groove and got a little routine and some hacks going. I’m going to share some of these with you today along with a review on my new washing machine upgrade that takes the place of my first baby.. the LG Smart Inverter washing machine.

Now I know laundry is not glamorous in any way but finding a way to get it waxed makes a mundane task go by a little faster! Things mentioned:

  1. Separate clothes into: dark, white, light mixed
  2. Add vanish stain remover into a spray bottle to spritz pits and collars
  3. Bra bag to keep them in shape, I bought mine from Dischem for R40 view it here

When choosing a new washing machine there are a few things to consider like the space you have in your kitchen/laundry room, how many people in your house hold etc. For us a top loader has always been the one as we don’t have a built in space for a washing machine so we bought some wheels for it and keep it in the corner, wheel it through to the tap everytime we need to use it. Another reason top loaders are for us is that it they generally fit more in them which means one wash of all our darks for both Mandla and I which is such a win, especially in Cape Town’s current drought sitch!

Our new LG Smart Inverter Washing Machine is a mega 13kg drum whereas our first one was 8kg, so now we really only need one load for dark and one for light! The LG Smart Inverter also has Energy Saving with Smart Inverter Control, which allows it to save up to 36% of energy – hello saving on the electricity bill!

The LG Smart Inverter washing machine also has some really great features for the novice laundry peeps, for example it has a ‘soiled’ level which allows you select how dirty your clothes are, the more soiled the washing machine will allow for extra movement to break down the dirt. There is also a pre-wash feature, Smart Motion (3 kinds of motions created for optimising washing by fabric type), the Smart Inverter can also gauge how much laundry you have within it and the choose which setting is right for your load. It is so smart that it also has a feature called smart diagnosis (The LG Smart Inverter Microwave also has this read more here) in a nutshell you can call LG and put your phone near the washing machine and they can then give you tips or diagnosis what’s wrong with it over the phone! What a little smarty pants I mean COME ON, it basically can do everything for you besides make a cup of coffee!

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 17.39.12
Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 17.41.06

The LG Smart Inverter also has a really powerful drum that they’ve dubbed their Turbo Drum™, which enables the most powerful wash and removes even the toughest dirt through strong water stream of rotating drum and pulsator in the opposite direction.

I hands down recommend LG as a brand if you are on the lookout for some new appliances, they’re amazing quality, offer long guarantees and really think of everything! I have my eye on an LG fridge for our new home :-p What are some of your laundry tips?