3, 2, 1 Launch Off | Essence Cosmetics

I am really excited about this launch off post, you can read my previous Bourjois 3, 2,1 launch off post here. Basically this is a series where I will let you in on whats launching and which new beauties (‘I found you miss new booty’ totes popped into my head then!) I am most looking forward to.

This time I’m focusing on the new nude range by Essence Cosmetics, I am super excited for this range because you really can’t go wrong with nudes plus this range includes a brow gel FINALLY an affordable brand giving me a product to make brows bangin’Essence Cosmetics Brows

In true Essence Cosmetics style this whole range will be super affordable ranging from R40 – R110. I decided to show you guys the shades I am most looking for by adding a little star next to them:

Essence Cosmetics Nail Polish

Essence Cosmetics Nudes Lipstick

Essence Cosmetics Nude Collection

Which product and shade are you most looking forward to?