Urban Decay Makeup Meltdown

So Urban Decay have created products to prep your face before make up and then products to melt all that make up away… as promised when I reviewed the Urban Decay Rehab makeup prep products last week today I’ll be taking you through the Urban Decay Meltdown Makeup removers. The Meltdown Makeup removers are nonirritating, with nourishing ingredients that leave the skin clean, refreshed, hydrated and without a trace of makeup or a greasy residue.

The Urban Decay Meltdown Makeup Remover range consists of 3 products:

MELTDOWN MAKEUP REMOVER DISSOLVING SPRAY: R450 This is a make-up dissolving spray with the most intense spray nozzle I have ever used, kind of like a mist. I immediately wanted to spray it all over my face but on the bottle it suggests spraying onto a cotton ball or hands and then wiping away your make up, I found this a bit of a faff because I don’t really understand what the point of the spray is – I totes want to just spray it on my face and then use a cotton pad to wipe it away. Anyway I’m sure you’re interested in the contents of the bottle more than my rambling! Let me just tell you this dissolving spray does just that, kind of like those old handy andy adverts where grim was cleaned off a stove and the stove was left sparkling clean – that’s exactly how this works on a cotton pad, removes everything even waterproof mascara! If you’re a micellar water lover this is probably 4 times better at removing make up, you can safely use it without worrying your face still has make up on.

MELTDOWN MAKEUP REMOVER CLEASNING OIL STICK: R550.00 Next up we have probably my favourite product in the Urban Decay Meltdown Makeup remover range – the cleansing oil stick. I think the thing I like most about this is the application, it kind of looks like a deo stick where you twist up the waxy product and apply it directly onto dry skin, splash with water and it turns into a lather then rinse and you’re done. It is also very travel-friendly as there is no worry of leaking! The formula is a three-phase oil-based balm that transforms from a balm to liquid oil to microfoam with turmeric root extract, sunflower seed oil and vitamin E to leave skin feeling soft, clean and makeup-free. The only thing is this is not for the eyes, I tried to apply it directly on my eyes and wowee the stinging was REAL! What I choose to do instead is apply a little balm onto my index fingers and rub this lightly over my lashes with my eyes closed and then just like that my mascara is melted away! Below is an indication as to how good the oil stick is, I had red lipstick swatches on my arm that usually leave a stain but as you can see there is no trace left behind:

urban decay make up rehab (4 of 16)
urban decay make up rehab (6 of 16)

MELTDOWN MAKEUP REMOVER LIP OIL STICK: R350.00 Lastly we have the Urban Decay Meltdown Lip Oil, this was created with the Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipsticks in mind. Although I have not tried any Vice lipsticks (have shades: Brat, Crimson and Tilt on my list!) I have heard that along with their insane wearability and lasting power they can be difficult to remove – I mean you can’t have longlasting lips and expect to just wipe that away! So the Meltdown Lip Oil Stick was made, a lightweight, silky stick that glides on to remove longest-lasting lip products. Lips will be clean, moisturized the conditioning, wax-free formula contains nourishing ingredients, including vitamin E and ceramides to replenish lips.

Now that you have read about the Urban Decay Rehab Makeup prep products and the Makeup Meltdown products which are going on your shopping list?








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