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Thomas Sabo Generation Charm Club

If you have been around these parts for a while you know my love for all things shiny in fact when I was younger I dubbed myself ‘Mrs Goldie Shiny’ (truestory!) So I have always been a magpie of sorts in fact I wear jewellery everyday in my ears and my hamsa Thomas Sabo bracelet rarely leaves my wrist.
Today I’m sharing with you my latest mag pie jewellery piece to join my collection, the Thomas Sabo Generation Charm Club range. Much like the name would allude to this collection is the new version of a charm bracelet with the idea that you can continuously build up your collection when big milestones happen in your life or if you just want to treat yourself.
“Combine things that are close to your heart and transcend borders – Generation Charm Club stands for the new, casual attitude towards personalising and styling favourite pieces, lucky charms and vintage symbols”, says Susanne Kölbli, Creative Director at THOMAS SABO.
The Generation Charm Club collection like all Thomas Sabo ranges are high quality 925 Sterling silver and the gold pieces in the collection are 18k yellow gold. There are so many variations and combinations available within the Generation Charm Club, I opted for a silver charm circle necklace with charms called glitter star and a cut out crescent moon. Both charms have a little clasp so they’re very easy to add to the circle necklace it also makes it easy to build up my collection (have my eye on the pisces gold circle charm!) #magpie
thomas_sabo_charm_collection (2 of 5)
thomas_sabo_charm_collection (5 of 5)

You can now browse the Thomas Sabo collection and order online, click here to head on over to the new South African website. I suggest you do a little pre browsing as I may or may not have a giveaway coming up :-p

Let me know in the comments what you think of the new Generation Charm collection vs the traditional charm bracelet?