New in Essence Products + GIVEAWAY!

We all love when Essence releases some newness and lucky to the trend ranges this does happen quite often but the thing with those is its kind of see it and get it straight away as you may not see it again. There is something different about the permanent range especially when you find a winner product for such an affordable price! I decided it would be nice to give a little round up review on the products I featured in the below video:

Lip Liners (R29.95): These are by far my most favourite lipliners, they’re affordable, last long aren’t drying and are twist up so no sharpening!

Velvet & Glossy Sticks (R38.95): I am so enjoying these, they’re easy to wear and pigmented. The velvet ones seem to last long on the lips. If you want to read a more in depth review on these have a look at what Rayne had to say here.

Velvet Matt Lipgloss (R49.95): This formula has been my most favourite matt lip product for years, my go to shade is soft nude you can see me use it in this video here so I knew I’d love this dark shade for winter. The formula is just perfect, so light yet pigmented and not drying at all.

Long LastingLipstick Matt (R49.95): The shade of this blew me away the perfect plum shade for winter. If you follow me on twitter you would of seen this picture here which is after I applied it once in the morning and it faded so gracefully no gross line around the lips or cracking.

Lip Oil (R44.95): I think this was on of the products I was most excited to try mainly because of the hype around Clarins Lip Oil. I keep this next to my bed and am loving it for winter, literally wake up in the morning with it still on!

Blush Balls (R64.95): How cute are these two! Both shades would work on many skin tones and have a nice amount of a sheen. One thing is every-time I use this I want to apply it onto my cheeks from the dome which is ob’s not the best way to get a subtle blush, it also is not creamy as its powder so this type of application is a no!

Mosaic Blush (R64.95): There are four shades in these blushers and I can highly recommend them, besides being so gorgeous to look at they’re also such beautiful blushers with flecks of glitter in the mosaic design in the pan, a must!

Concelear Palette (R79.95): I have been looking for something like this for ages, the one stop shop when it comes to colour correcting. The shades aren’t hugely pigmented which means you can build them up but also means that its easier to add normal concealer over after colour correcting. The only thing I found with this product is its very creamy so to cover a red bump/pimple is very hard as the product tends to move easily. That being said for under the eyes it works quite well as it doesn’t matter too much about it moving.

Make Up Sponges (R49.95): Oh I absolutely love these, you get four in a pack and they’re perfect for under eye concealer and powder.

The Velvets Eyeshadow (R44.95): Besides the gorgeous woven design of these I absolutely love them! They don’t crease and are so soft, not hugely pigmented but easy to build and shh I’ve bought almost all the shades!

Contour Palette (R89.95) WIN THIS! keep reading to see how: I think essence hit the nail on the head with this one a one stop shop for contouring especially for a beginner as the shades are light and build-able I also think it will work on so many skin tones.

Forbidden Volume Mascara (R64.95): I’m really enjoying this mascara it doesn’t leave my lashes feeling crispy it also doesn’t flake off or leave me with panda eyes like I have experienced with previous essence products. What is so awesome about the forbidden range is that there is a top coat with little fibres in to make your lashes really look like falsies!

Translucent Powder (R89.95): I have this to thank for my obsession with under eye baking! Its not corn starchy if you know what I mean its very soft and glides on easily. A little goes a long way and it never makes my face feel stiff.

Eyebrow Gel/Pomade (R64.95): Lets be honest when it comes to brows Essence do a really great job like they did with the brow wow kit so I knew straight off the bat I’d enjoy the pomade especially as I’ve been wanting to try a pomade for ages thanks to the Anastasia dip brow! Plus who doesn’t want to have fleekage for brows?

Fixing Spray (+- R80): and you hear all the ladies say YAAAAS! Its about time that there was an affordable fixing spray on the market, jeez! This dinky bottle is the perfect handbag sized fixing spray which is great for summer, its refreshing and does a great job at keeping everything in place without feeling sticky. It also works well at wetting brushes/sponges for application.

Soft Touch Mousse Concealer(R64.95): I wasn’t expecting to like this as much as I do, I usually stay far away from mousse as it reminds me of back in the day when I used a mousse foundation and lets just say it wasn’t a good cake look 😉 Surprisingly I am really impressed by this concealer, its perfect for under the eyes as its creamy, soft and not drying so it doesn’t exaggerate crows feet it just glides on nicely and smooths out the area.

2 in 1 Eye Shadow & Liner (R59.95): Oh my goodness the shade 02 peach perfect is just hands down gorgeous, at the Essence event I had to help Ms Paula Bee search for this shade as I had it swatched on my hand and there was no way she was leaving without this champagne gorgeousness! These claim to be long lasting and thats exactly what they are, said swatch had to be scrubbed off my hand! The down side with this product is the lid mine is already cracked and it doesn’t stay on so well which makes it hard to travel with but worth it for the shade and longevity!

Assorted Nail Polishes/Whitener (R29.95 – R40): Essence nail products have been a firm favourite of mine for years with such a variety of shades not to mention how amazing their top coats and treatments are. My new favourite formula has to be the Jellys its so shiny and lasts ages on my nails!

Nail Remover Pads Acetone Free (R34.95): Firstly these smell amazing just like watermelon! They work so well as you can see in the video I demo’d a dark shade and you can see how easily it came off. They also leave oil on your nails which definitely helps to keep your cuticles nourished, I also love how easy they are to travel with.

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