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NeoStrata Review – The Start of Active Ingredients

As promised here is the low down of the NeoStrata products that were prescribed to me from Skin Renewal (watch my 6 month skin journey vlog here). I need to point out that although NeoStrata products are on the pricer side of skin care the products themselves are of high quality and lasted me so long for example the face wash lasted 6 months, using it everyday purely because only a tiny amount is needed.

When you start using products with active ingredients it is important to get advise or really do your research as what may work for my skin type and concerns may not be well suited to you. A really great website for researching products and ingredients is Dermastore the site offers a free facial skin assessment (click here) and is also easy to navigate and explains each product in an easy to understand way.

To give a quick run down of my skin concerns; pigmentation, dullness and pimple scaring. 

Face wash – NeoStrata Clarifying Facial Cleanser 200ml R517 

This lasted me no joke 6 months because a tiny bit really does go along way plus its a 200ml tube! It has a slight foaming action when mixed with water and really makes the skin feel clean without feeling dry or tight. I also used it to remove make up most days as a one step wash! 

The product itself is from the NeoStrata Refine range which has ingredients such as Gluconolactone (Poly Hydroxy Acid), Mandelic and Salicylic Acids, Vitamin B5 and Tea Tree all of which help with build up of dead skin cells and penetrate the pores to help with congestion and improving skin texture.

Day cream – NeoStrata Sheer Hydration 50ml R614 

This is a super lightweight day cream that as with the face wash falls part of the NeoStrata refine range (light blue). Sheer Hydration contains SPF 35 and works well under primer, suncream and foundation because of how lightweight it is, it almost immediately skins into the skin after applying it. 

It is packed full of NeoGlucosamine which is an ingredient patented by NeoStrata and is known as a building block of Hyaluronic Acid, the skins natural filler which helps promote plumping of the skin, cell turnover which in turn helps with brown makes, even skin down and aid with fine lines and wrinkles. It also had Phytotal and Vitamin E to reduce oil with out irritating or over drying the skin.

Serum – NeoStrata Illuminating Serum 30ml R1050 

The Illuminating serum falls part of the enlighten range (yellow) and the main aim is to help control pigmentation, even out and brighten the skin especially skin that has been effected by brown marks or hyper pigmentation. 

The serum is full of vitamin C, peptides as well as NeoStrata’s very own NeoGlucosamine. It smells amazing and unlike other serums it isn’t sticky or takes ages it sink into the skin. I alternate with this sometimes using it in the day (if its used in the day under face cream and added SPF is needed as you don’t want to undo all the good you have done to break down all the pigmentation) or it can be used at night. A serum is should be thought of as part of a booster pack to your skin care routine something thats added as a part of a maintenance regime that accelerates your results be that added moisture or like this one to further breakdown pigmentation.

Night cream – NeoStrata Renewal Cream 30g R609

Hello retinol! The NeoStrata Renewal cream is packed full of Gluconolactone, Poly Hydroxy Acid and Pro-retinol (a gentler derivative of Vitamin A) these three work together to help with fine lines, uneven pigmentation and specially skin tone that is previously sun-damaged.

As with all of the NeoStrata products I have been using a little really does go along way. The Renewal cream is used at night as with any products that contain retinol. Its a thickish cream but you only need a pea sized amount for your whole face and wake up with the softest, smoothest skin – its almost addictive! It is really important to use a high factor SPF during the day especially after using any active ingredient product as your skin will be a lot more sensitive to the sun.

Its safe to say when it comes to active ingredients in skincare they really are addictive as you can visibly see results which in turn gets you to your goal faster! Its safe to say I will never look back. 

Did you try the Dermastore skin assessment? Let me know what products you were recommended in the comments below.