Microblading Experience + Discount Code

What is Microblading? It is hair like strokes in a form of permanent makeup that provides a means to partially or fully camouflage missing eyebrow hair with the appearance of simulated hair using fine deposits of cosmetic tattoo pigments.
I am sure if you’ve been around these parts for a while you would of seen that I have had my eyebrows tattooed before and are probably wondering why on earth I would need to have my brows microbladed. Well thing with permanent make up aka tattooing sometimes depending on your skin the pigmented may not keep or even take which is exactly what happened to me. After my eyebrows had healed after the tattooing, they faded but in some parts you could see dots from the needles. I then did a little research into mircoblading and knew that I had to have it done. Completely different to tattooing in that the pigment in inserted into tiny little cuts in your brows which basically meant that I could say goodbye to my weird needle dots.
microblading before and after video
My mom and I had our brows done at Beauty by Melissa Reed she is a fully internationally qualified 6D Mircoblading, Eyelash Extensions and Lash Lift artist. Above all of that she is just an amazing person to be around, so calming which makes you trust her from the minute you enter her lilac and cream salon.
I didn’t have many specifications when it came to my brows the only thing I asked for was a more defined arch; I do have an arch naturally but the hairs are a lot finer their. Melissa took this into consideration when mapping out my brows with the awesome ruler that basically adapts to YOUR face and guides the artist where to map your brows according to your face, no two faces are the same!
Here is a vlog of the whole experience from including the 4 week touch up (which is the most important part!)

microblading before and after video
microblading before and after video
Now onto the feeling and the healing. There was no feeling during the procedure the only part to note is that I could hear the strokes/cuts which was a little strange but I got used to it quickly. Immediately afterwards my brows felt a little ‘heavy’ but no pain whatsoever. The healing, this was simple don’t touch the brows for 5 days post microblading and after the 5 days apply the aftercare ointment. Like I said simple? Not so much – I had no idea how often I actually touch my face and had to actually remind myself no touching! After a day or 2 they became itchy which of course you can’t do anything about. The other thing that was a little awks was when it came to applying foundation and then washing it off, I ended up cleaning around the brows with an earbud dipped in micellar water.
microblading before and after video
Onto the discount code, Melissa has offered the full microblading procedure including the 28 day touch up for R1800 (Normal price is R2200) so thats a R400 discount! Use the code CFxBeautyByMelissa when you place your booking to receive the special price. Contact Melissa here:
I am so happy with my brows, I take way less time to fill them in now and if I don’t fill them in they still look defined. I also really enjoyed having the lash lift, if I could  I would have this done all the time it makes such a huge difference when applying mascara.
Microblading before and after
Would you have your eyebrows microbladed?