max factor musings


Oh Max Factor where have you been all my make up loving life? I can’t tell you how many times I have walked passed Max Factor without a thought to even have a look that was until two things happened 1) In a goodie mag there were THREE mascaras and 2) CREAM. PUFF. BLUSHERS.

Everytime I think of Max Factor I am reminded of a crude joke my grandpa told DON’T READ AHEAD IF YOU GET OFFENDED EASILY!

Ok you’re still reading so I guess you’re not a touchy little sausage, here goes:

“Why did Ponds cream?” “Because Max Factor!” get it? if not moving swiftly along.

Max Factor Mascara Review South Africa

Lets begin with the Max Factor mascaras honestly some of the best drugstore/pharamacy mascaras you’ll find and coming from a die hard maybelline mascara fan thats something. I go through a mourning period everytime I finish my beloved ‘the falsies’ and realise I can NOT justify buying another one when I have so many other brands that are unused and need to review!

Top to Bottom;

Masterpiece Transform (R109) – this is a very fine plastic applicator that gives more volume to the lashes than length, I am not a huge fan of plastic applicators as I usually go for the big fibre ones but what I enjoy about this one is that because of its shape its really easy to get the fine inner corner lashes.

2000 Calorie (R119) – this one has a tapered fibre wand which is perfect for everyday the right amount of volume and length without looking like you’re wearing too much mascara – this one is definitely a favourite of mine.

Masterpiece MAX (R124) – another plastic applicator but this time with a lot more nodules on which gives the lashes a more of a dramatic look, I really enjoyed the way this transformed my lashes.

There are so many Max Factor mascara options that I can’t wait to give a go.

Max Factor Facefinity Primer Review South Africa

Next up a BIG favourite of mine the facefinity primer (R150). I absolutely love this primer instead of being a silicone based its more of a cream based with SPF 20 in it. I think this primer would work with many different skin types as its definitely not drying nor is it over hydrating – its just right kind of like goldie locks!

This primer actually reminds me a lot of the Too Faced Hangover primer with its consistency and longevity.
Lastly.. my precious the beautys that are the Max Factor cream blushers:
Max Factor Cream Puff Blush Review South Africa

I picked these up in the shades; nude mauve, gorgeous berries and lovely pink we only get 4 or 5 shades in this line here at the moment and I have 3 oops! All of them have the most beautiful baked/vains in them which have been compared to the MAC mineral powders, I only have Warm Soul so I can’t really comment on them being dupes but I definitely do understand why people would compare them especially due to their pigmentation with shimmer, shimmer that isn’t like a disco ball.

Max Factor Cream Puff Blush Review South Africa

Left to right: (R190) Nude Mauve, Gorgeous Berries and Lovely Pink

Nude Mauve – My most favourite shade so much so that I have actually made a dent in it since these photos were taken, its the perfect neutral blush shade with a brown undertone so it gives colour to the face without being pink at all and if you’re pale like me you’ll know the foundation struggle and how most foundations have a pink undertone add blush on that and you’re basically a strawb! So for me this shade is a winner and I hope its never discontinued because its my bae (before anything else!)

Gorgeous Berries – This was enabled purchase by Essie Button and I honestly don’t know what I was thinking, a heavy handed girl like myself with a highly pigmented plum blush? That being said I long to make this gorgeous shade work for me and I am trying so very hard to teach myself less is more!

Lovely Pink – Another favourite a very pale pink with a bit of golden shimmer this again is such a pretty shade and has very light pigmentation so can be built up and gives a subtle flush which is perfect especially when I add a highlighter on top.

There are so many shades in this range I’d like to try like alluring rose, seductive pink and lavish mauve ok basically all of them! What have you tried from Max Factor that you’d recommend?