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Revlon #loveison WIN!

WIN Revlon #loveison Fragrance

Love. A word that has always been so precious to me, I guess thats why I have a fascination with hearts; you see I have always believed that love itself is very simple but humans complicate and cheapen the word, heck I even do it myself sometimes! The thing is when we place ‘love’ in a sentence with a materialistic connotation it straight away is cheapened because love is a lot more than the object in question; love is a really a completely unexplainable feeling towards a person not an object/place/food but sometimes there is no better word to explain or express your feeling towards such object and thats the English vocabulary for you, imagine I said ‘I have great admiration for the Max Factor Blushers‘ yip you’d laugh. So thats one reason why I love the Revlon #loveison campaign from #chooselove dating tips and love tests Revlon have been encouraging love for the past few months; dedicating a whole page to it click here to view

In lieu of Mother’s Day myself and Zando thought it would be the perfect time to give away on Revlons #loveison perfume:

Revlon #loveison Fragrance Review

Love Is On™ is a seductive scent that ignites attraction and inspires love. A captivating blend of velvety rose, spice, and vanilla infused musk.

I have been using this scent for over a week and I am just loving it, its a very different scent that I usually go for more spicy yet sweet at the same time the perfect every day fragrance not too over powering yet enough to know that Cara has walked past and I’ve absolutely been loving the heart bottle sitting on my dressing table:

Revlon #loveison Fragrance Review


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