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Welcome to the first of my ‘love local’ blog posts. I know most of us have heard the phrase “local is lekker’ and this is my spin on that! I thought of creating this category to bring value to the many things we in Cape Town can enjoy locally whether it is a small business, a market or a restaurant – lets face it there is so much happening around our little World Design Capital CAPE TOWN, that people from all around the globe are rushing to be a part of it all but for many of us we don’t venture past our doorsteps and miss out on so much that is happening around us.

First up we have a little business called Made with Love and Passion the owner is a lovely lady called Lara who clearly has a passion for creating a time capsule for your memories buy delicately putting together the most lovely sterling silver pieces.

I came across her page when my friend got her bridesmaids these personalised gifts:


I quickly liked her Facebook page Made with Love and Passion  and swooned over all the lovely pieces. For valentines day I thought of getting something a pendant made for my mom that says “I carry your heart with me” and dog tag key rings inspired by Priya from purple sparkles instagram post that is a keyring set one says “moon of my life” and the other says “my sun and stars” immediately  Made with Love and Passion came to mind and of course Lara delivered the most priceless pieces.


cara (6 of 20)

cara (7 of 20)

To get in touch like their Facebook page:  Made with Love and Passion or Email:

*NB this is not a sponsored post