hair like a kardashian


Look I ain’t gonna lie I’m a Kardashian fan, I know they get a lot of shade so much so you’d wonder if they even see the sun, for me I admire them –why? Because GIRL POWER! Each and every member of the Kardashian Klang (see what I did there) are killing it with endorsements, books, apps and so much more this is power to the females and can we just take a moment for the woman that makes it all happen the one and only momager Kris Jenner!

When I had the opportunity to be made over as Khloe by the GlamIT team – I jumped at it. Mainly because I couldn’t wait to try out the rose gold and black products that just look like perfection, perfection that they are – all hair styling tools are infused with black seed oil and sulphate free for a shiny mane.


Today I wanted to share my thoughts on two of the hair care items from the Kardashian Hair range. First Up the Volume Foam I was so intrigued when I opened this up as the can is HUGE (300ml) way larger than any hair spray or mousse bottles I have ever come across – point one VALUE for money, (retails at R450) my encounters with mousse have always been a bit iffy either paper crunchy hair or super big spaghetti hair but this mousse is not for curls at all it is specifically for volume, it has the same texture as mousse but is meant to be applied to the roots only. The first time I applied way too much as I’m used to using mousse all over my head the second time I actually read the instructions which state to use a tiny bit and only in the roots and to style afterwards.


For someone with fine hair anything that promises to lift the roots is always a win. The Volume Foam does just that, if you have fine hair you will understand this next statement, you leave home with a head full of body and by the time you’ve reached the car your hair is flllllaaaaat if you have some dry shampoo with you, you might resort to using that to get some grit and texture well this product is the perfect first step. Tiny amount to the roots of wet hair and then blowdry it automatically gives the hair texture and support kind of similar to what backcombing or what dry shampoo would feel like EXCEPT without the knots of backcombing or the product build up of dry shampoo, so a win win!

The next product is the Black Seed Dry Oil this is the purest form of the black seen oil which is present in all of the Kardashian Hair items, even the brushes! A tiny bit goes a long way, I only apply this to the ends of my hair when wet and it immediately smooths my dried out bleached ends and if I use heat on it then my hair is so shiny. It can also be used to smooth out any fly aways or if your looking for a slick rick style. I know Zando are giving these 15ml bottles away with the purchase of any Kardashian Hair item at the moment.

Have you tried any of the Kardashian Hair items? I’m eyeing out the Twirl Me Curl Cream and the 3-in-1 Iron because lets be honest if anyone has perfect curls its the Kardashian sisters!