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favourite mascara ‘s {review}

maybelline, loreal and essence mascara review

I thought I’d share by top 3 mascara picks – budget to slightly higher end. Mascara, is one of the things that if you asked what my one must have make up items I’d use it would be the one. I just feel so naked without a little lash paint on. Although its one of the steps I hate doing because I ALWAYS mess somewhere, its still my must have item.

Another thing I noticed when i went through my stash, two out of the three I chose are plastic wands and I’ve been prone to saying ‘I prefer fiber wands’ but I kind of shot myself in my own mouth with that statement as clearly I don’t have a solid preference!

Loreal volume million mascara review

First up we have the Loreal Volume Million Lashes, as you can see above this has a unique tapered plastic wand which makes it so easy to get to the little lashes in the inner corner of the eye. It leaves the lashes full and voluminous. I can’t wait to try the other mascaras in the volume million range, in other countries they even have one with glitter! Imagine that on date night, you know me the more the bling¬†the better. +- R130

essence lash princess mascara review

Next up we have the best Essence mascara ever, the Lash Princess False Lash Effect again it has a tapered brush but this time fiber although the tip bristles aren’t as small as the first mascara it still manages to pick up all the fine little lashes, I think this has to do with the formula which is quiet ‘wet’ its one of those mascaras that makes a little pop when you open it. The reason I love this so much is it gives the lashes a full appearance as well as lengthening, this is very rare in a mascara to get both in one go is hands down amazing! I don’t love this as a bottom lash mascara mainly because of the lengthening effect and because of that there can be transferring on to the skin (tip: to avoid this make sure the under eye area is powdered) A great budget friendly mascara. +- R50

maybelline lash sensation mascara

Lastly is the new Maybelline Lash Sensational {waterproof}, my first ever waterproof mascara. I got this sent from America as at that stage I didn’t know when we could expect it to launch here but I am over the moon to say it is now available here. This wand reminds me so much of my most favourite Maybelline mascara, the falsies which I repurchase all the time! This wand shape has to be my most favourite type as it mimics the eye shape which makes for easy application, I tend to use the outter circle part/upside down for my bottom lashes and this works so well. This mascara is hands down a one stop shop; curls and lengthens although it doesn’t provide that much volume its that mascara that is so dazzling you don’t need extra volume. Every time I use this someone asks what I’m using, which is a good sign! This has no transfer and really holds the curl, I wonder if thats because this is the waterproof version? I’ll have to pick up the normal one and see but as with most things when there are so many people raving about a product it can either be a goodie or a meh, THIS is such a goodie and I hope this formula stays around forevs! +- R150

What do you think of this trio of mascaras?

All the above Mascara’s are available at Dischem and Clicks.