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caribbean tan low down

If you’re anything like me the world of fake tanning can be a little daunting and well a lot of effort but today I’m here to give you the low down on Caribbean tan in the simplest way possible. Choosing the right method to suit your requirements is definitely the most important and then of course we have the A, B and C thing to go through.


Unlike other self tans that work on how dark you would like to be Caribbean tan works with your personal skin type and how easily you naturally tan. For me as an example I am very fair and find it hard to get a natural tan as I mainly just freckle so I am type A. A means that which ever tan you use will distribute a lighter colour to match my natural skin tone this means I’ll never look orange or like I just stepped outta jersey shore. Caribbean tan = as close to natural fake tan.

I broke each product down in the following way easy, think-a-little and time needed, these are indicated on each image with an ice-cream:


TanInACanAlrighty lets get going – with the Tan-in-a-Can this is an aerosol can that comes in two different forms; gradual and instant. As you can see above I have given this a ‘think-a-little’ rating and this is what I found when using both. The gradual is my favourite it gives a slight tinge to the skin which develops over 8 hours and the instant is perfect for a time when you want to be tanned fast but both need thought as if you don’t rub in all the nasty areas (knees, ankles, elbows) you will end up patchy this is obviously a lot easier with the instant as you can actually see where you’re spraying. I usually use my hands to apply the tan in a can but a mitt or glove can be used. This has been my Caribbean tan of choice for about 3 years now, 8-10 mins drying time.

BronzingMousse-01Next up we have a new discovery; bronzing mousse. As you can see I have given this a ‘think-a-little’ rating although I do really enjoy the formula of a mousse it requires more effort than the tan in a can but truly gives an all over subtle colour. The reason I say this one needs a little more effort is purely because you need to apply this with a mitt or glove. The Carribean Tan mousse takes the shortest amount of time to dry and is the least ‘sticky’ feeling tanner it also develops over 8 hours.

TanningWipesThis next tanning solution has got to be my favourite for the face and neck and that is the tanning wipes. Although this was something I was totally unsure about it truly exceed my expectations, I had never thought of tanning my face and neck – I usually just tan my legs but I’m here to tell you this is a must try! These Caribbean tan wipes are so easy to use, they’re for all types A, B and C and come heavily saturated in product so be careful of drips but other than that these are so easy to use and the result is amazing!

Spritzer&MittThe spritzer is again a think-a-little product and requires a mitt or glove to apply. That being said this is the OG of the OG Caribbean Tans available, its a salon inspired liquid which develops over 8 hours and takes 5 minutes to dry. This works well for an all over tan that can look amazing especially if you have someone to help you with your back. This tanning solutions needs time to apply and dry but the results are worth it!


Now that we have the tanning products out of the way lets talk about the extras. TOP TIP: exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. I’m sure you have heard this over and over again but there is a reason for that and that is if you don’t want to be called snakey EXFOLIATE! Especially in-between fake tanning, you need to scrub off all the dead skin to get a natural all over looking tan and this coconut + cinnamon scrub really does the job well not only does it smell amazing its really gritty not like those pansy ‘scrubs’, this really gets the blood flowing and the skin shedding. To be honest I use this all year on my arms as I suffer with keratosis pilaris (chicken skin) so exfoliating is really an all rounder for me and I ain’t got time for the pansy ‘scrubs’ I need something gritty to get my blood flowing so I’d definitely recommend this even if you aren’t planning on tanning.

Milk&Honey IMG_9380After any exfoliating or tanning moisturising is a must and believe me I am THE laziest person when it comes to this but it definitely helps when the product looks inviting and smells yummy. The thing with all of the Caribbean tanning products is because they are made to make you have a natural tan you need to look after that tan the same way you would a natural tan so adding body butter at least once a day really helps.

IMG_9373IMG_9377This has to be one of my favourite Caribbean tanning products firstly because I love glitter/shimmer seriously I am such a mag pie and I’ve always been the person who has some sort of glitter cream around so much so that my boyfriend always steers clear of my creams for fear of looking like a disco ball. This shimmer cream is unique though because it has a slight tint in it so your skin automatically looks glowy and this is a perfect way to top up a natural or fake tan.SPFRANGE-01

Lastly the amazing peeps at Caribbean tan have made an SPF range that I am totally gaga about *heart eyes* do you know why I think these are the most amazing SPF’s – because if you are anything like me you hate spending HOURS in the sun, its hot, sweaty and sticky and after a while my eyes see spots because its TOO bright! This range works to protect your from the sun AND ensure you tan faster so that means you aint gotta spend hours upon hours in the sun, YAY! The three SPF products are as follows:

  • Protection In A Can SPF 15 / SPF 30 – this is the same aerosol idea as the tan in a can which means its super easy and light weight to apply no more sticky gross sandy suncream bottles.
  • Bronzing Milk SPF 15 – this is perfect for your first step in the sun in the beginning of summer where your own paleness may blind you, it gives off you an instant bronzed look that washes off and of course it contains spf to protecting you from burning.
  • Bronzing Facial Moisturiser SPF 20 – this has to be the one I am most excited about its a three in one, did you hear me THREE birds with one stone! I’m all about skipping as many steps as possible and this is really one of those; a daily moisturising cream, with SPF 20 and a bronzer to give you a healthy summer glow. OH YEA!

IMG_9386Est voila! I hope this post broke Carribean tan down simply for you and made it simpler to know which one to go for. Have you tried any Caribbean products before or do you now want to go out and try some?