Bio Oil – the 30 year old South African Wonder

When I think of tissue oil the only brand that comes to mind is Bio Oil, it’s one of those products that has always been in the bathroom cupboard if that’s for a scar, stretch mark or even adding a few drops to the bath (when Cape Town had water!) Bio Oil is one of those products that’s always around in most people’s home.

A little bit about the creation of Bio Oil that you may not know – it was created by Dieter Beier, a German chemist living in South Africa. In the mid 70’s he began product development and research into oil-based skincare which resulted in the launch of Bio‑Oil in 1987 with its unique formulation, which contains the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil™. Bio Oil is clinically proven to help improve the appearance of new or old scars, whether from surgery, accidents, burns, insect bites, scratches or conditions such as acne or chickenpox. Although younger scars will have a greater chance of improvement, studies have shown that older scars also benefit from regular use of Bio-Oil.

There are plenty of studies that Bio Oil has taken part in from scar and stretch mark studies, if you’d like to read more on these studies click here

Bio Oil has won over 200 international awards, Bio-Oil has some well-known fans such as Victoria Beckham, Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian who says “It prevents wrinkles around my eyes and stretch marks over my body.”

Bio Oil has been around for 30 years – can you believe it! Being it’s birthday the brand has had a little re jig of their packaging; the colours remain the same iconic orange and white with more of a sleek, modern look. With the new packaging there is also a new size release – 25ml (R40) which is perfect for travelling or if you’re the type that likes to actually finish products because with Bio Oil a little tends to go a long way so this new size will last quite a while especially is you’re applying it to a smaller area.

Within the Bio Oil range there are now four size variations: 25ml (R40), 60ml (R100), 125ml (R145) and 200ml (R210)