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Beach essentials for a non beachy type! #BeachBagEssentials

It ain’t no lie that I am not a huge fan of the beach, I mean I love the sea and the thought of the being on the beach but there are also things that I don’t like about being on the beach aka overheating and also not being overly comfortable in a costume.

With all of this in my mind I do still enjoy going to the beach but more along the lines of late afternoon when its not too hot and I’m usually dressed in a skirt, dress or a pair of shorts and not a costume! I thought I would share with you the things that are my #BeachBagEssentials

First thing you’ll need is a beach bag, I have been loving this floral bag from Jenam (click here) its big enough to fit a towel, change of clothes if I need and all the bits and pieces I take with me. It is also has waterproof type of material which really helps in case of any splashes or leakage, because the material is this texture it helps to brush the sand off of as well it doesn’t stick to the bag at all which really makes it a great duffle style bag and can be used for a weekend away, the gym and the beach. Head over to the Jenam to see the different sizes and patterns they have they have.

The first thing that you’ll find in my Jenam bag is all about the sun protection! First off is wide brimmed hat, this one is from Queenspark and I like that its two toned and has a small bow at the back. Second thing is suncream, I always apply suncream all over my body at home because I burn so easily and applying suncream all over at the beach is always a messy option and the sand gets stuck because you’re slinky yuk! I always take suncream to the beach and often opt for a really high SPF like this Avene emulsion, its super lightweight and doesn’t leave a white cast on the face. It also can be reapplied with out pilling (creating those little balls on the skin) It is also easy to apply anywhere on the body and has a super easy pump. I actually use this everyday under foundation – Avene has some great suncream options from anti-aging to a cream version an emulsion and the list goes on!

Next up in my bag are the few beauty bits I like to take with me, this obviously varies depending on if I am going somewhere afterwards. I always like to have some sort of perfume or spray just for a quick spritz especially if its a hot one. I have been absolutely loving the new Michael Kors Wonderlust perfume its fresh but mature at the same time and really is long lasting so it doesn’t need a top up that often.

I then like to bring a bright lip colour with me seeing as I don’t wear make up to the beach generally I like to add lipstick just to give myself a pep in my step. I have been loving these Maybelline matte lippies, they’re perfect for the beach as they do not move and don’t need to be reapplied even after copious amounts of lollies that make me jolly! If a bold lipcolour isn’t you’re vibe then one of the Elizabeth Arden Gelato Crush lipsticks is exactly up your street – they’re pigmented but very glossy and easy to apply.

I of course have a towel in my bag and often a change of clothing especially as we tend to go to the beach towards the end of the afternoon as its less hot but then by the time you’re ready to leave its quite chilly and basically dinner time!

What are the things you like to take with you to the beach to make it comfortable for you?

Don’t forget to have a look at the Jenam offering especially if you’re on the hunt for some beautiful gifts. They even have a range that reminds me of Zoella’s beauty range! Visit them here:


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