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baby skin | not worth the hype

IMG_9687I am definitely one of those people that is easily swayed when it comes to beauty buzz, I think most of us are; its the usual you see some international or local chica with a piece of make up and then the item gains momentum before you know it its on your never ending wish list. Being in South Africa I personally have this all the time – a constant lust list and then when the product finally makes its way to our side of the world if its in my budget then its mine.

You can imagine how excited I was to see we now have Maybelline baby skin available for only R90. I was so excited to try it, I have seen very mixed reviews of this product but for the price I knew it was worth a try.

Firstly this primer has no specific skin type that it is suited for its an ‘all’ rounder primer, its clear but unlike any other primers I have tried it leaves behind an oily residue on the skin which isn’t great if you have combo skin like I do and kind of defeats the purpose of a primer. I tried to use this product in so many ways – straight after moisturiser, 20 mins after moisturiser and on its own with concealer but the result was the same – a snakey foundation application by the end of the day especially on my T-zone.


To be fair I am comparing this with my prize position primer – Smashbox which is really a little unfair as they’re in no way in the same league, I’d say the BodyShop wonderblur or the new L’Oreal Infallible primers are the closest pharmacy dupes for Smashbox.

That being said baby skin would work perfectly for people with dryer skin as your skin will then eat up the residue it leaves behind.

Have you tried baby skin if so what were your thoughts?