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A Nederburg Wander

We visited the Nederburg farm on a crisp wintery Saturday for some wine tasting, museum and cellar tour. We were both so excited to spend the day together and have a little date, you know with the wedding coming up most of our weekends are actually spent a part with me doing all the girlie stuff that he can’t see yet (hair, make up and dress)

We started the day with a lovely glass of Nederburg BRUT* which actually happens to be the bubbly we are serving out our after party alongside pizza! Its such a delicious bubbly option, not too sweet or dry and not too bubbly, just right 🙂

We then headed for a tasting of the Heritage Heroes collection, which is a limited-edition gourmet range of wine celebrating the stories of Nederburg’s Heritage Heroes, the founder, the winemakers and the farm itself. The tasting was the most enjoyable and interesting I’ve ever been to, normally you hear about fancy grapes and notes that you have no idea about but this tasting was around the heritage and story behind each wine and why it has the name it does. We left feeling like we had learnt something and herd stories that will stay with us!

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The Anchorman

A Chenin blanc, I would say this is a winter white wine – its woody and smooth. Official flavours are apricots, oranges, flowers, raisins and spice. The Anchorman is the wine that celebrates Philippus Wolvaart, who established the Nederburg farm in 1791. This is probably one of my most favourite white wines.

FOOD SUGGESTIONS: Great with fish, poultry, veal, pasta and salads.

The Brewmaster 

The Brewmaster commemorates Johann Graue who took over at Nederburg in 1937. The Brewmaster is a Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc. A classic in style red with aromas of dark fruit, cigar box, and hints of vanilla..

FOOD SUGGESTIONS: Excellent with red meat, casseroles and stews, leg of lamb, roast beef, duck, robust chicken and pasta dishes, hearty soups and mature cheeses.

The Young Airhawk

The Young Airhawk is a wooded Sauvignon blanc and pays homage to Johann Graue’s son Arnold, this wine is named The Young Airhawk as Arnold died in a airplane crash at the age of 29. Although Arnold was so young he was was renowned for his winemaking prowess and won many awards for him winemaking. The Young Airhawk is a bouquet of green figs and asparagus opens onto a crisp, complex and multi-dimensional palate.

FOOD SUGGESTIONS Enjoy with fresh seafood as well as chicken and pasta dishes, vegetables and fresh summer salads.

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The Beautiful Lady

The Beautiful Lady takes its name from Ilse Graue, the wife of Johann, and mother of Arnold. Like Ilse herself, this wine is elegant and refined, Günter Brötzel (cellar-master at Nederburg from 1956 to 1989) used to call Ilse The Beautiful Lady. With hints of rose petals and Turkish delight, its fruity litchi and pineapple notes are offset by a shimmering acidity. This is another one of my most favourites from the Nederburg Heritage Heroes collection, its unique light and delicious.

FOOD SUGGESTIONS Excellent as an aperitif, or served with fruity curries and fragrant Thai and Indian dishes made with butter or coconut milk, and Cantonese and Schezhuan seafood and poultry dishes.

The Motorcycle Marvel

This is my most favourite red within the Heritage Heroes collection it is a red blend of Grenache, Carignan and Shiraz (spicy, peppery berry and sweet fruit) that honours the legendary winemaker GĂĽnter BrČŤzel, who was cellar-master at Nederburg from 1956 to 1989. GĂĽnter is known for his exceptionally high standards., multiple awards including being the first in South Africa to earn the International Wine & Spirit Competition Winemaker of the Year Award. GĂĽnter used a motorbike on the farm and so – The Motorcycle Marvel seemed the most fitting name.

FOOD SUGGESTIONS Outstanding with roasts, barbecued steaks, spicy chicken and intensely flavoured pasta dishes.

We tried a few other wines that I absolutely loved such as The Winemasters Sauvignon Blanc which is a super smooth white wine with a fruity flavour and the best cabernet in the world called II Centuries; it’s an amazing smooth red and has the most gorgeous old vintage label and is in a different size bottle. If you’re looking for a really special gift to give someone II Centuries is the one!

The one Nederburg wine that we always have in our home is the 5600 Cabernet Sauvignon; its a delicious smooth red wine and isn’t overly expensive for the quality.

After our tasting we visited the Gunter Heritage Centre


We then headed to the cellar for an in depth tour..


..before heading to The Red Table restaurant on the farm for the most delicious lunch in our own private room. The restaurant is in Nederburg’s historic manor house and really feels homey, we had our own private dining room with a warm fire and delicious food. The waitrons have all the Nederburg knowledge and are able to help pair your food with your wine – such an incredible experience.


Have you visited Nederburg farm?


This was me trying the #OOTD poses, clearly it needs some work!

*A huge thank you to Nederburg for this amazing experience