Garnier Oil-infused Micellar Water

I’m pretty sure we all know about the Micellar water craze, perhaps what you don’t know is that Micellar water has been around for years and is most definitely not the new kid on the block. I have reviewed the other versions of the Garnier Micellar waters which you can read here. Today I am reviewing their newest version – Oil-infused Micellar Water.

garnier oil-infused micellar water

Garnier Oil-infused Micellar Water (+-R70) – This is Garnier’s new kid on the block for dry and sensitive skin. I have tried the other two variations and I have to say this is my favourite of the bunch. Although I don’t have sensitive or dry skin I love the fact that this cleans my face and leaves my skin feel moisturized at the same time. Even though this seems to be a duo phase unlink traditional duo phase products this one doesn’t need to be shaken up before use. It also cleans waterproof mascara better than any Micellar Water I’ve ever tried.

garnier oil-infused micellar water

I love that Garnier have different version of their micellar water and think I have a place for each one in my collection – the oil infused one for the day when I have a stubborn liquid lipstick and waterproof mascara and the sensitive (pink) one for everyday use for make up removing or as a toner in the morning.

Which is your favourite micellar water?