BonBon Viktor Rolf #fragrancefriday

Welcome back to the third installment of #FragranceFriday this week I am sharing one of my most unique perfumes and most probably the sweetest of them all.. BonBon by Viktor Rolf.

BonBon Viktor Rolf

I absolutely love sweet perfumes, I would still wear Britney Spears Fantasy – no shame! However BonBon is more of a sophisticated older sweet scent with a key note of caramel, orange and peaches. It also has some floral notes of jasmine and orange blossom.

Even though the bottle is in a the shape of a purple bow I find it unique and cute plus it looks stunning on a dressing table amongst other perfume bottles. Its the type of bottle people would collect on their mantelpiece.

BonBon Viktor Rolf

​Packaging: Cute but not gimmacky
Notes: Caramel and Floral notes, sweet but not sickly or overbearing
Lasting Power: All day, fades a little by the end of the day
Day or Night: Both
Thoughts:​ ​Overall this is one of my favourite scents its unique in that it is a more mature sweet scent as apposed to being too ‘young’ and sickly.
BonBon Viktor Rolf
Do you ever wear sweet perfumes or are you more of a spicy girl?