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Swiitch Beauty Glowgasm Palette + Discount

If you have not heard of Swiitch Beauty I don’t know where you have been, well clearly not on Instagram. Swiitch Beauty is a local cosmetic brand that have a huge variety of products from make up brushes to the most amazing eyeshadow palettes at super affordable prices. Swiitch Beauty was started by a gorgeous young women who had a passion and vision, Rabia’s story is actually amazing click here to read more about it.

Today I am going to be reviewing the Swiitch Beauty Glowgasm palette, basically your one stop shop for all things glowy. Firstly the Glowgasm palette is HUGE and has a wide variety of shades from yellow toned, bronze, peach and even a cream highlight. All these shades are wareable on my pale skin, yes even the darker bronze shade makes a great bronzer. My favourite thing to swirl my brush in a few pan’s to get a unique glow – although I can’t take the credit for this idea, Cynthia totally had this one her cheeks and I was all heart eyes over her glow!

I also need to give mention to the G31 contour brush, unlike any contour brush I have tried this one has such soft bristles and is the perfect shape. Like I have said before I am no chizzling expert when it comes to contour but this brush makes it really easy to bronze up your face or even use it for highlight similar to a fan brush. Swiitch Beauty have an A M A Z I N G brush collection from all black to all rose gold and in between!

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The Glowgasm palette says ‘for a highlight brighter than your future’ LOL this is true to all things Swiitch Beauty, everything is quirky, sleep all black packaging and fun phrases on the packaging – after all make up should be fun!

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Besides the product pans within the Glowgasm palette being absolutely huge (probably the size of a cup saucer!) they’re great quality, super pigmented so a light hand is definitely needed but that also means it will take forever to hit pan. Once applied in the morning your glow will last all day on the skin without diminishing at all. Someone actually asked me at about 3pm ‘Cara you have gold on your face hey?’ to which I of course snapped my fingers and answered ‘yes I do, it’s called HIGHLIGHTER brighter than your future!’

If you own this Glowgasm palette I don’t think you will ever need another highlighter, for realsies! Have you ever ordered anything from Swiitch Beauty? Get 5% off Swiitch Beauty with my coupon code: carafay